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October 16th, 2017


Sí Here publishes hand-crafted reports chronicling Hispanic & Latino/a/x experiences including Highlights (subscribe : view archives) and special reports on The Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Latinas, Education, Health, and Business.

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Hola, my name is Tomás Custer (Email). I expertly curate and publish these unique reports to

  • chronicle our experience and
  • make it easier to stay informed.

You could spend hours and hours (and hours) to get this information or you could Sí Here. I bring the best of it together into one place. Stay informed! Enjoy our story! Save time!


Is our news important to you or your organization? I depend on you to fund Sí Here. Honestly, no business, institute, organization or government agency has anything like to this.

Please consider signing up to be a supporter or friend. You don't have to but I would really appreciate it. I know this is a useful service and that Hispanic & Latino/a/x independent media needs more wins.

If just 10 people from every state supported me, we could show the world that our news is valuable and that there is a hunger for news beyond the mainstream and outside our bubbles.

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Sí Here rose out of the ashes of HispanicTips. It was a news service that for many years (2005 to 2015) provided the most comprehensive news in English about the DIVERSE, VIBRANT, VITAL & HUGE Hispanic & Latino World.

We are a demographic tsunami that is impacting all facets of US society from culture to business to politics and everything in between! I advocate that knowledge is power and have already helped millions of people easily stay informed.

I had/have a strong following including professors, journalists, media personalities, politicians (U.S. Reps, former Ambassadors, etc.), executives, professionals, teachers as well as activists, bloggers, parents, students and regular people. My readers have always said it best: "love it," "addictive," "useful," "great," and "invaluable." readers' quotes & testimonials.

I still use social media in a limited way on Twitter and Facebook but it isn't a priority. There are plenty of other sources for breaking and time-sensitive news.

I learned a lot running HispanicTips but regrettably, I couldn't continue running it the way it was. Basically, business got rough for independent media and still is. But I loved doing it and knew in my heart the value and uniqueness of the service I was providing.

So in 2017, I decided to try again (in a slightly different manner) with Sí Here (See Here y Yes Here). This is one of my passions. It is a craft at which I excel and I can see myself doing this until the day I leave this planet or my eyes give out.

Sí Here is an InformOso journalism venture and is part of my company Rosebud City that also includes my artwork.

Information Design, Curation, & Chronicling

First of all this site is designed to be quick to load while being easy to use on any device. I keep it simple. There is a lot of information in most of these reports but that is for a reason. That reason is simple.

There is, in fact, a lot of news about us but it is dispersed and can get lost in the noise. To get any kind of a bigger picture we need to be able to have access to tools that we can rely on and trust.

There is also a lot of compelling relevant content out there that I wouldn't call news. I bring together the news and weave in these content threads to present an information mosaic in a clean and elegant manner.

If you want algorithms and bots to serve you the news then you get what you get. That isn't what I do. I concentrate on Highlights, The Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Latinas, Education, Health, and Business.

A bit of perspective at least in terms of dollars

"A new report puts a price tag on the Latino population in the United States, and it is over two trillion dollars. This economic power, says the report, would rank as the 7th largest in the world if the Latino GDP (Gross Domestic Product) were its own country." from NBC

Parting Words

If you are a curious individual, a news nerd, an academic or are interested in business intelligence or the power of digital curation you would be hard-pressed to find anything as convenient or powerful. I invite everyone to learn how to stay informed and to appreciate the beauty in the complexity of our story.


Tomás (LinkedIn : Email : 503-482-2047)