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Mi Gente' & 'Despacito': First Double-Up of Two Non-English-Language Hits in Hot 100's Top 10 from

Such a twofer had never before occurred in the Hot 100's 59-year history. On the latest Billboard Hot 100 chart (dated Oct. 21), J Balvin and Willy William's "Mi Gente," now featuring Beyonce, surges 21-3 after the first full week of tracking for its new remix. The song also dethrones Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's "Despacito," featuring Justin Bieber, as the top Latin music hit in the U. S. , as the former (and record-tying) 16-week No. 1 falls 5-9. (On Hot Latin Songs, "Mi Gente" supplants "Despacito" after the latter's 35-week reign. )

Repairing Puerto Rico's Power Grid Could Top $5 Billion from : Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's power grid was in bad shape even before Hurricane Maria knocked power out to nearly the entire island. Officials say it will be at least six months for the lights to come back on.

Latin American TV Sees Burst of Activity from

Galvanized by Netflix, whose Ted Sarandos has confirmed 50 original Latin American productions and branded licensed productions in development through 2018, the dramatic makeover in high-end Latin American TV production is moving up a gear. One of the growth drivers of the Latin American new wave is “investments and co-productions from international groups,” says Bertrand Villegas, co-founder of the Wit. Hollywood studios driving much of the change in Latin America’s television landscape include HBO, Fox, Sony, Disney, Viacom via new acquisition Telefe, and Time Warner’s Turner. However, local TV players are getting in on the action, too.

This Tequila's Columbus Day Ad Misses the Mark Worse Than Columbus Himself - Video from

Just in time for Columbus Day, Astral Tequila presents "Columbus Day: A Reenactment," an ad starring Jonathan Goldsmith, the Artist Formerly Known as the Most Interesting Man in the World. (In June, in the wake of Dos Equis moving on to another actor to play Mr. Interesting, Astral released a teaser in which Goldsmith declared that "I told you, I don't always drink beer. ")

Wall Street Firms Gambled on Puerto Rico. They’re Losing. from : Puerto Rico

A few days after Hurricane Maria leveled Puerto Rico, John A. Paulson, the billionaire hedge fund manager, boarded his company’s 23-seat Bombardier jet and flew to San Juan. Mr. Paulson wanted to check personally on several resorts and a large office building that he and his firm own, two people familiar with the trip said. He traveled when commercial air traffic to the devastated island was limited and most private jets landing in San Juan were required to bring badly needed emergency supplies. Mr. Paulson’s quick trip is an indication of just how much big investors have riding on the future of the Caribbean island.

DACA in flux: 5 things business owners need to know from

After the Trump administration rescinded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in early September, many business owners have grown concerned about the fate of some of their employees who gained the legal right to work under the program. Their concerns are understandable, said Sara Itucas, a client solution specialist with staffing and human resources firm TriNet.

Despacito' Receives One Billion Hits In Ten Weeks To Surpass Four Billion Views from

‘Despacito‘ cannot be slowed. The Latin mega-hit from Puerto Rican performer Luis Fonsi and guest Daddy Yankee now has more than four billion views on YouTube, making it the first video on the site to achieve that milestone. Four billion views in uncharted territory for individual YouTube videos, and ‘Despacito’ has reached that wilderness just ten weeks after it became the first YouTube clip to ever claim three billion views. That rate comes out to an average of more than 14 million views per day, 595,000 views per hour, 9,920 views per minute, and 165 views per second.

Los Angeles County Issues First Cannabis License To Latina Woman from : California

Yvonne DeLaRosa Green was awarded the first cannabis business license for Los Angeles County for her dispensary 99 High Tide Collective in Malibu. The city and county of Los Angeles are expected to become the capital of cannabis once the state of California’s regulated adult-use market is up and running. While Denver, Colorado, may have grabbed all of the early attention, California’s market numbers will be hard to top.

Apple, Google, Facebook hire too few Hispanics: Congressional caucus from

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, alarmed that technology and gig economy companies are not hiring Hispanics as employees, vendors and consultants, is turning up the heat. In a letter sent to 32 top companies, Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-N. M. ), chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and Rep Joaquin Castro (D-Tex. ), first vice chair, asked for detailed diversity statistics and an accounting of how much partnership and philanthropic spending is allocated to Hispanic-serving and Hispanic-led institutions.

The Making Of A Young Latino VC: Meet Rami Reyes from

In 2016, I helped to lead a delegation of Latino entrepreneurs and investors to visit Israel -- a land also known as Startup Nation -- to see what we can learn from the local tech intelligentsia. It was my second delegation, and I was prepared to be surprised in several ways. I had a phrase for one kind of surprise: “the person on the delegation who provokes the most wonder. ” In 2016, that person was Rami Reyes, an investor in our group who made practically everyone ask:what’s this kid doing here?

Paying the Price of Playing With Trump - Javier Palomarez, CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, may have gotten too close to the president—and not close enough. from

Javier Palomarez, chief executive officer of the U. S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), wanted to be a key liaison between Donald Trump and Latino businesses. Yet improving relations with an anti-immigrant administration without alienating allies has proved impossible for Palomarez. Former constituents say his two years of jockeying between criticizing and cultivating Trump have cost him friends without gaining him influence.

OC Weekly editor Gustavo Arellano resigns from alt-weekly newspaper in dispute over cost cuts from : California

Longtime Orange County columnist, government watchdog and foodie Gustavo Arellano said Friday that he has voluntarily resigned from his role as editor of alternative weekly newspaper OC Weekly. In an interview Friday on the Tom Leykis Show, Arellano said he was told by the paper’s owner to cut half the staff, and he refused. OC Weekly now has nine staffers in the editorial department. Arellano said that in September he gave the paper’s owner an alternative plan that would not involve layoffs. He offered to help sell ads and even cut his own salary in half.

Ikea Puts Latin America in its sights - considering Chile, Colombia and Mexico from : Latin America

Ikea is planning to enter South America and expand in Southeast Asia in its quest to dominate the world’s home furnishings market. Those regions are on the Swedish company’s radar after entries into India and Latvia this year, Inter Ikea Holding said Monday. Retail sales including all franchisees and customer services amounted to 38. 3 billion euros ($45 billion) in the most recent financial year, which ran through August. Torbjorn LoofSource: Inter Ikea

MercadoLibre Tumbles 10%: Will Amazon Disrupt Latin America? from : Latin America

Word that Amazon. com (AMZN) is recruiting in Brazil fueled a 10. 5% selloff in shares of Latin American online retailing giant MercadoLibre (MELI) Thursday. Mercado shareholders are in a dither about the Bloomberg-reported rumors because Brazil is the company's lifeblood: it accounted for 54% of MercadoLibre's 2016 revenue, while Mercado's home country of Argentina was 31% of revenue last year, according to FactSet.

Small business lending in Mexico gets a boost from : Mexico

That’s the thinking behind Konfio, a Mexican startup that’s raised $10 million in new funding led by the International Finance Corp. (the investment arm of the development-focused World Bank) and previous investors, including QED Investors, Kaszek Ventures, Accion Frontier Inclusion Fund, Accion Venture Lab and Jaguar Ventures. Konfio is the latest company to tackle Mexico’s lending problem, but it’s by no means the only one. Kueski and Kubo. financerio have both raised capital from venture investors to take on Mexico’s debt dilemma.

Desktop, Not Just Mobile, Key to Digital Growth in LATAM from : Latin America

What: According to comScore’s Digital Future 2017 report, Latin America’s desktop audience is now as large as that of the United States, at 196 million users. And while the use of desktop has decreased by 1. 1% globally (and by 5. 2% in North America) since last year, in Latin America, it grew by 0. 5%. Why It Matters: Simply creating desktop campaigns for the region is not enough: This large audience must be monetized through precise targeting that reflects the complexity of the region. Marketers must understand and appreciate that the content a Latin American user consumes — and the device he or she consumes it on — varies depending on geography, category, and other cultural variables.

Mark Zuckerberg Responds To Backlash Over Puerto Rico Virtual Reality Video from : Puerto Rico

Mark Zuckerberg is under fire this week for livestreaming a virtual reality tour of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Avatars of the Facebook CEO and the company’s head of social VR Rachel Franklin appeared Monday in a virtual reality video of the hurricane-ravaged island posted to the social network. The video doubled as a demo of the Facebook Spaces app and as a platform to announce the company’s initiative with the Red Cross during natural disasters

Latin America’s Fresh Formats Follow New Rules from

The revolution sweeping Latin American TV is captured graphically in the shooting style of HBO Latin America’s “El Jardín de Bronce” and Globo’s “Under Pressure” and “The Brothers. ”One episode of “El Jardín de Bronce” begins with the camera creeping out from between two white stone buildings at huge height, looking down on a teeming ant-like Buenos Aires below. Then an intimate conversation between two ex-lovers in a park is shot with a long-range focal lens. Both set-ups create an air of conspiracy.


Fresco y Más Continues to Grow With 5 New Stores in South Florida from : Florida

Southeastern Grocers, the parent company of BI-LO, Fresco y Más, Winn Dixie, and Harveys Supermarket, expands their business by opening eight new stores in Florida. The company opened five new Fresco y Más stores in South Florida and three new Harvey Supermarkets in West Florida. The Fresco y Más stores will offer fresh items in produce, meat and bakery, along with over 3,000 items lowered in price, including a Dollar Zone. Fresco y Más caters to the Hispanic buyer and a unique shopping experience, with a Latin-style café in their store and a Latin butcher (carniceria).

PR New Season of Telemundo's SENORA ACERO, LA COYOTE Premieres 11/6 from

Telemundo announced the return of Super Series™ SENORA ACERO, LA COYOTE premiering Monday, November 6 at 10pm/9c. Based on an original story by Roberto Stopello and written by Indira Páez, the new season unfolds within the painful context of the undocumented immigrants who cross the border from Mexico to the United States in search of the American Dream. "Señora Acero, La Coyote" continues the story of Vicenta Acero (Carolina Miranda), a strong woman who has carved a path for herself in a male-dominated world and fights for better treatment of the many immigrants who struggle to cross one of the world's longest borders. In the new season, La Coyote faces enemies on both sides of the law who are out for revenge and to destroy the Acero Quintanilla dynasty. Viewers can follow the Super Series on Facebook www. facebook. com/SraAcero, Instagram @SenoraAceroTLMD and Twitter @SraAcero and are invited to join the conversation at #SraAcero.

Latin America Sees IPO Boom from : Latin America

After two years of declines, initial public offers in Latin America are seeing a comeback. So far this year, 16 Latin American IPOs have raised $6. 8 billion, more than four times as much as all of last year, when the combined value of nine IPOs reached $1. 5 billion, according to Latinvex research. And there’s still a pipeline of more than $8 billion.


Telemundo announced today that millennial actress and Latin music phenomenon Becky G and international actor and singer Diego Boneta will share hosting duties at the upcoming third annual “Latin American Music Awards” (Latin AMAs). Produced by Telemundo and Somos Productions, the awards ceremony will broadcast live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, CA, at 9pm/8c on Thursday, October 26, 2017, and will be preceded by the red-carpet pre-show “La Alfombra de Latin AMAs” at 8pm/7c.

PR New Survey: Latino Small-Business Owners Expect Higher Revenue from

Half of Latino owners said they expected higher revenue this year compared with only about one third of owners overall, according to U. S. Bank’s first survey of Hispanic small business owners. “Latinos are bullish on their companies’ ability to grow. They are much more optimistic about their likelihood of higher revenues compared to the average entrepreneur,” said Ross Carey, head of business banking at U. S. Bank.

7 Tips From A Latina CEO Who Doesn't Want You To Ignore The Aha Moment That Could Change Your Career - Audrey Ponzio from

Before Audrey Ponzio made the decision to become an entrepreneur, she spent close to a decade rising through the ranks at Edelman. Ponzio started as an Account Supervisor and worked her to Senior Vice President overseeing multicultural communications. Her career had found its footing in the multicultural space and it was a client she worked closely with then that paid it forward in a significant way.

How ‘High Mija’ Shatters Stereotypes About Pot-Smoking Latinas from

The term “pothead” elicits thoughts of burnouts like Cheech and Chong, slackers like the fellas of “Half-Baked” or criminal Black and brown drug dealers wreaking havoc in inner-city neighborhoods – rarely cannabis-loving Latina academics, tías, professionals, hairdressers, movement leaders, bikers or artists. Enter Tahnee Udero, a Chicana from Albuquerque, New Mexico whose zine High Mija is using coming-of-age stories, pop culture GIFs and feminist memes to dispel negative connotations of stoners while encouraging other weed-loving muchachas to come out of the smoky shadows.

Beer Drives Constellation Brands' Profits. But It's Mexican Beer, Not Craft Beer from

Premium beer continues to drive the industry, but the story has been a bit different at Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ). It was the strength of Constellation's portfolio of Mexican beers under the Modelo brand that drove growth and profits in the recently reported quarter, while pricey U. S. craft beer continued to sink. High on sales from south of the borderConstellation was smart to acquire the U. S. beer business of Grupo Modelo from Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE: BUD) in 2013. Because of the Department of Justice's antitrust concerns about A-B InBev controlling too much of the U. S. market, Constellation was able to pick up not only a popular, quality beer, but also gain full control over the Crown Imports marketing business, the Piedras Negras brewery in Mexico, and the exclusive right to sell Corona beer in the U. S.

This Is What It's Like To Be A Latina In The News - Interview with CNN's Ana Cabrera from

Refinery29 broached this subject with CNN anchor Ana Cabrera, who is part of a wave of prominent Latinas who are leading TV journalism. The Denver-born reporter grew up in a family that celebrated diversity, so it's no mistake that she ended up in an industry that exposes her to people from all walks of life. Since March, she anchors the weekend primetime edition of CNN Newsroom. But being a reporter that happens to be Latina can bring its own set of unique challenges — from being in an homogenous newsroom to staying calm when experiencing brushes with ignorance, in the newsroom and in the field. For example, when she was a young reporter in Spokane, WA, Cabrera was called a derogatory term while covering a wildfire. She was getting ready for a live shot when a nice local man came up to her to chat, and asked her what her name was.

Scotiabank partners NXTP Labs to access Latin American fintech starups from : Latin America

Scotiabank announced today a new and innovative partnership between Canada and Latin America's leading start-up accelerator, NXTP Labs, at the Fintech Conference 2017 in Bogotá, Colombia. This strategic partnership will allow the Bank to access to the most promising Fintechs in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru, and leverage these countries' innovative start-up ecosystems to help drive its global digital banking transformation.

Jennifer Lopez Produces ‘Rosarito Beach’ U.S./Mexico Legal Dramedy CBS from

CBS has put in development Rosarito Beach, a comedic drama from Jennifer Lopez and Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas’ Nuyorican Productions and Universal Television.

First cohort of Startupbootcamp FinTech in Latin America secure 30 pilots with banks from : Latin America

The first Startupbootcamp FinTech program in Latin America (joint venture between Startupbootcamp and Finnovista), celebrated the end of its first batch during Demo Day. The startups have collectively secured 30 pilot projects and collaborations with financial entities and corporate partners of the program. The eleven fintech startups of this first generation showcased their innovation story and evolution during their acceleration process in front of key players from the financial industry and across the entrepreneur community in Mexico City.

The Godfather of Mexican Manufacturing Couldn’t Care Less About Donald Trump from : Mexico

Jaime Bermúdez has been building factories in Juárez since 1967. They do business all over the world, Nafta or no Nafta.

Canada, Mexico Say They Won't Walk Away From NAFTA Over U.S. Ideas from

The leaders of Canada and Mexico said Thursday they're not walking away from NAFTA talks in the wake of the latest aggressive proposal from the U. S. Both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said the proposal — a sunset clause on any new North American Free Trade Agreement — remains just that, an idea.

Telemundo: The Fastest Growing TV Network in the United States from

With about 54 million Hispanics in the United States, who have an estimated buying power of $2. 3 trillion, it’s no wonder Telemundo is the fastest growing television network in the country. But as the traditional broadcast market continues to shrink, Telemundo chairman Cesar Conde grapples with how to redefine Hispanic television to capture millennials consuming media on digital devices. Senior Lecturer Henry McGee discusses how digitalization and globalization are reshaping the entire media industry, including Telemundo.

Alina Falcón named SVP of Daytime Programming at Telemundo from

Alina Falcón assumes a new role as Senior Vice President of Daytime Programming for Telemundo network, after spending the past year as EVP, FIFA World Cup Programming. In her new role, she’ll head the growth strategy for the network’s daytime programming, including shows “Un Nuevo Día” and “Suelta La Sopa. ”

Telemundo names Julio Vaqueiro network weekend anchor from

Julio Vaqueiro, currently anchor at KVEA Telemundo 52 in Los Angeles, is leaving the station to become weekend anchor for the network.

Three Golden Rules for Soccer Influencer Marketing from

Influencers have become a major force in sports and soccer marketing. Mexico's Chicharito is just one example. Leading executives from Nike, H K Strategies and Fluvip provide Portada insights on how to make the best use of the soccer influencer market.

Former ‘Most Interesting Man’ Returns in Astral Tequila’s Tongue-in-Cheek Columbus Day Ad from

After retiring from his role as Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World last year, Jonathan Goldsmith turned to the hard stuff, appearing in a teaser ad for Davos Brands’ Astral Tequila in June. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the independent San Francisco-based Erich & Kallman beat out a number of unspecified New York and Los Angeles agencies and was named Astral Tequila’s first creative agency of record. Now, the agency has launched its first work for the brand, a Columbus Day social ad.

Discovery Latin America's Martínez to Retire from

Discovery Communications said Monday that long-time Discovery Latin America president Enrique Martínez will retire at the end of the year. A 24-year veteran of the company, Martínez has served as president and managing director of Discovery Latin America/ US Hispanic for 17 years. He has agreed to stay on in an advisory role for Discovery Networks International, reporting to DNI CEO J. B. Perrette.

How Patrón is educating people on the versatility of tequila from

Speaking to Campaign during the event in Spitalfields last week, Matthew Sykes, director of international marketing at Patrón Spirits, explained that the brand wants to change the perception of the drink as a shot taken with salt and lime.

Juanes Signs Global Publishing Deal With Warner/Chappell Music from

Juanes has signed a worldwide publishing agreement with Warner/Chappell Music. The announcement follows the Colombian singer-songwriter’s appearance at the “Estamos Unidos Mexicanos” earthquake relief concert in Mexico City over the weekend, and sold-out dates on his “Mis Planes Son Amarte” tour. That album is nominated for 2017 Latin Grammy Album of the Year, one of five current Latin Grammy nominations. Juanes is the most nominated artist in the awards’ history.

Latin American ‘value’ shoppers split on quality vs. quantity from : Latin America

High inflation in many Latin American countries is pushing consumers to shop based on value, but whether they define this as higher quality or larger quantity varies on their age, goals and specific country, according to recent research from Nielsen.

The Rise of Latino Food Culture in the U.S. from

Latino food is now considered the third most popular food in the U. S. after American and Italian, with 15% of main meal items featured on menus being Mexican-inspired. CHD Expert, the Chicago-based foodservice database and analytics firm, reported on the Mexican Restaurant Industry Landscape that Mexican food is heavily consumed by Americans and is among the top three menu items in the USA.

First Latina Fortune 500 CEO: Here's What Should Be Done About DACA from

As a refugee from Cuba, the ongoing debate about DACA—or what to do with children of undocumented immigrants—hits close to home for PG&E CEO Geisha Williams. Speaking at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington, D. C. on Tuesday, Williams was confident that a compromise could be reached among lawmakers. “We can figure out the immigration issue,” she said. “Main Street Republicans, moderate Democrats: There’s a lot of common ground there,” she said. “It’s about removing the rhetoric. ”

Mexican billionaire sees growth opportunity after earthquake from : Mexico

Slim said Tuesday that private donors raised $22 million for relief efforts for the Sept. 19 quake and an 8. 1 quake on Sept. 7. Slim's foundation matched that five-for-one, for a total of $134 million. Slim wasn't bothered by the current economic situation in Mexico, where the peso has dropped nearly 6 percent against the U. S. dollar in the last three weeks. That drop has been blamed on fears about a possible impasse in renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

U.S. boot from World Cup hurts Fox and Telemundo from

Fox and Comcast's Telemundo paid $400 million and $600 million, respectively, to broadcast the 2018 World Cup in the U. S. , but the national team was eliminated from contention in soccer's biggest event on Tuesday.

Mexican mogul Slim donates $105 million to earthquake recovery efforts from : Mexico

The Carlos Slim Foundation also collected more than $21 million dollars (395. 6 million pesos) from outside donors, raising the total contribution to more than $126 million (2. 373 billion pesos). More than 217,000 donors participated in the effort, Slim said. The gift comes from the foundation’s endowment, Slim added.

The personal drama behind one of Patrón Tequila’s founders from

On a sunny Friday afternoon in the summer of 2001, Ilana Edelstein noticed a locksmith working on the gate to her 7-acre estate, Windsong, in Montecito. She scared him off, but was confronted moments later by two strangers in a sedan parked inside the gate. Her longtime partner, Martin Crowley, co-founder of Patrón Tequila, was on an Italian cruise, and Edelstein was effectively defenseless. Suddenly, squad cars pulled up and out jumped the sheriff. Relief at last, she thought. Moments later a white BMW sedan followed, out of which stepped Crowley. Suddenly it dawned on her that the sheriff was not there to protect her but to remove her from the premises. Together with Crowley, she had found an unlikely fortune in an artisanal hand-blown glass bottle labeled “Patrón. ”

Is Russia Horning in on Latin America’s Oil Patch? from : Latin America

Russia is not only throwing its weight around in Caracas. Earlier this year, Rosneft began oil exploration in Brazil’s Amazon region after buying a controlling stake in drilling wells in the Solimões Basin. And state-owned Gazprom has been cozying up to Argentina’s government, exploring the possibility of joint ventures in natural gas production. Rosneft has also stepped in to provide Cuba with oil, picking up a key customer of Venezuela’s and triggering accusations from Venezuelan opposition lawmakers that Russia is profiting from the suffering of their country.

Study: Argentines Spend 80% of Their Time on the Internet on Netflix, YouTube, Facebook from : Argentina

A new study done by the Chamber of Internet reveals Facebook, YouTube and Netflix is raising Internet traffic by 85% compared to last year

Identity Among Latinx Millennials from

Nilda Flores-González, professor of sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the author of Citizens but Not Americans: Race and Belonging among Latino Millennials (NYU Press, 2017), discusses her research into attitudes toward national identity among young Latinos/as, including young Puerto Ricans.

AT&T Is Weighing a Public Share Offering of Its Latin American TV Assets from : Latin America

AT&T Inc. is working with advisers on a possible public offering of its Latin American pay-television assets, according to people familiar with the matter, potentially getting funds to reduce debt from its planned takeover of Time Warner Inc. The largest U. S. pay-TV company hasn’t made a final decision about what to do with the businesses, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the deliberations are private. AT&T hasn’t held talks with potential buyers to sell the operations, the people said.

Richard Montañez, speaking at Hispanic Business Achievers Luncheon: Don't forget your last name from : Texas

It wasn’t the pay of the janitor’s job - a princely sum to Richard Montañez at the time, after he had picked grapes and worked in a car wash - that made him excel. It was pride. Montañez, who is now a marketing and sales executive for PepsiCo North America, spoke at Wednesday’s Hispanic Business Achievers Awards Luncheon, held by the Tyler Hispanic Business Alliance.

WLTV 23 adds Sosa as digital journalist from : Florida

María Alesia Sosa has joined WLTV Univision 23 as a digital journalist. She’ll be producing digital content for the Miami station website.

Riu Donates $400,000 to Build Schools in Mexico from : Mexico

Hotel resort company Riu is helping to ensure that Mexico school children don’t miss a beat of their education after two earthquakes devastated parts of Mexico. Riu has contributed $400,000 to UNICEF for the construction of temporary classrooms and for the purchase of furniture and supplies needed in the schools. The amount is enough for 100 classrooms, according to estimates.

Cenote Tequila joins growing Stoli Group stable of spirits from

Stoli Group parent company SPI Group has added super-premium Cenote Tequila to its spirits portfolio. Presented at last week’s TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes, the super-premium tequila will feature on shelf in the first quarter of 2018.

These Are the 8 Most Trusted Latin American Baby Brands from

As moms, we feel that the most important thing we can do for our babies is to give them the best of everything. Whether it’s through the foods they eat that will make them strong kids or the bath products that will keep them healthy and happy. When it comes to our own children, we want the brands we trust will get the job done right, every time. As Latina moms, we understand the value of listening to our own families – especially when it comes to what is best for our children. We trust their opinion just as much as any review on Amazon – after all, they raised us to be fabulous women – and we know that their insight guide the decisions we ultimately make.

Joint US-Mexican Truck Inspections to Speed Up Trade at Otay Mesa Border Crossing from : California

Under a new program expected to launch this month at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, qualifying shippers—many carrying products from Tijuana’s large maquiladora industry—can expect significantly reduced wait times as U. S. and Mexican inspectors conduct joint inspections. The program is a first for Otay Mesa, the second busiest commercial port of entry on the U. S. -Mexico border. It will allow users enrolled in the secure-cargo shipping program known as FAST (Free and Secure Trade) to forgo outbound inspections in Mexico, and instead drive straight into the U. S. port to be inspected simultaneously by inspectors from both countries.

SALES LEADS LATAM: AB InBev, LATAM Airlines Group, Finca Flichman… from

A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

PR Camila Cabello, Chayanne & More to Perform at Telemundo's 2017 LATIN AMAs from

Telemundo announced more performers added to the impressive list of musical artists confirmed for the upcoming third annual LATIN AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS (Latin AMAs), including: Latin pop group Bacilos, pop and R&B singer Camila Cabello, Puerto Rican megastar Chayanne, Mexican music singer Chiquis Rivera, and Urban Latin music singer Wisin.

A new Hispanic segmentation model is here, know it!—Meet the Savvy Blenders from

The U. S. Hispanic market is ever evolving, so your Hispanic market strategy should evolve with it to stay ahead of your competitors. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we partnered with Culturati Research to share a new Hispanic segmentation model that will help you and your brand create and enhance meaningful connections with Hispanic consumers. This segmentation model is attitude-based and goes beyond language and demographics. It goes deeper, is non-linear and takes values, mindset and consumer behavior into account.

Wells Fargo welcomes a new Latina leader from

For Tiffany Tavarez, there are a number of reasons why she chose to pursue becoming part of the philanthropic side of a major corporation. One is that philanthropy helped her to build her own career, noting that donors such as the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (link is external) and the W. W. Smith Charitable Trust (link is external) helped fund her college education, providing her the wherewithal to become the first woman in her Dominican family to earn a university degree, graduating magna cum laude from Temple University.