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Education Report

October 16th, 2017 Menu:
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U.S. could lose an estimated 20,000 teachers, many bilingual, as DACA is phased out from

Texas stands to lose about 2,000 teachers who are in the DACA program, and as many as 20,000 such teachers would be affected nationwide. The clock is ticking, and without a legislative reprieve, within a few years it will be illegal for these teachers to work in the U. S. Their loss would hit bilingual education, where there’s a constant dearth of educators, especially hard. Juarez, a 26-year-old math and science teacher at Lipscomb Elementary, teaches in a school where many students are from immigrant families. He speaks English and Spanish.

Tulane Offers Free Tuition to Students Displaced by Hurricane Maria from : Louisiana

Tulane University in New Orleans announced on Friday that it will offer one semester of free tuition to students from universities and colleges in Puerto Rico. Tulane will accept applications for the limited number of Spring semester seats until November 1st. Students will still be required to pay tuition to their home institutions, many of which face serious obstacles to re-opening by Spring. Large portions of the U. S. territory are still without electricity and clean water.

PR Latinos Are Running Faster but Falling Farther Behind Whites and Blacks in Educational Attainment, Says New Georgetown University Study from

Earning college degrees remains a challenge for Latinos: only 21 percent of Latinos have bachelor’s degrees compared to 32 percent of blacks and 45 percent of whites. Latino Education and Economic Progress: Running Faster but Still Behind, a new study from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (Georgetown Center), reveals that lagging college degree attainment has led Latinos to become stuck in the middle-wage tiers of the labor market.

Crossing Borders: Mexican-American Students Get Binational Support from : Arizona

Education Unidos has graduated 100 percent of scholarship recipients at UA Douglas in its first four years, with funding coming from the Mexican government, UA South Foundation and the local community.

Undocumented Mills College students struggle to find work on campus from : California

Undocumented students at Mills often face uncertainty while looking for employment on campus. Undocumented students, with or without Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, are unable to receive federal work study, which limits their employment options on campus. The solutions proposed for some of those students are positions that offer stipends as opposed to federal work study jobs.

Latinx cluster hire proposed for “a return in terms of recruitment” along I-35 corridor – - at Wichita State from : Kansas

A proposed cluster hire of Latinx faculty was brought before the Faculty Senate Monday, with supporters citing a lack of representation for the Latinx community in the Wichita State student body, faculty, and staff. Jean Griffith, interim chair of the English department, said the Latinx community is the “largest-growing population in the region. ”The cluster hire — faculty hired as a group — would affect several departments on campus, including psychology, English, and social work. The proposal also lays out plans to increase online education and Spanish-language instruction.

American Studies program celebrates new Latinx Studies minor at University of Virginia from : Virginia

The American Studies program is set to officially announce its new Latinx Studies minor at an upcoming celebration Oct. 30. After its proposal, the minor was passed through the Committee on Educational Policy and the Curriculum last Spring. The Latinx Studies minor, which was accelerated by the arrival of College Dean Ian Baucom in 2014, is not the University’s first.

Utah's dual language immersion programs for school kids from : Utah

Did you know there are programs at many Utah public schools that teach students in two languages at the same time? The students in the program will be able to graduate from high school fluent in both. We're talking to Cassie Kapes who helps oversee the dual language immersion programs in the Canyons School District on Good Morning Utah. Children who are in Dual Language Immersion Programs spend half the day learning core subjects in English and the other half learning in a target languages such as Spanish, French or Mandarin Chinese.

Riu Donates $400,000 to Build Schools in Mexico from : Mexico

Hotel resort company Riu is helping to ensure that Mexico school children don’t miss a beat of their education after two earthquakes devastated parts of Mexico. Riu has contributed $400,000 to UNICEF for the construction of temporary classrooms and for the purchase of furniture and supplies needed in the schools. The amount is enough for 100 classrooms, according to estimates.

The Top 10 Universities In Latin America In 2017 from : Latin America

This month, U. K. -based education magazine Times Higher Education released its annual analysis of the best universities in Latin America. This year, the organization rated a roster of the top 81 schools in that region, based on evaluations of 13 performance indicators that fall into five categories:Citations (research influence), industry income (knowledge transfer), international outlook (staff, students and research), research (volume, income and reputation), and teaching (the learning environment).