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October 9th, 2017
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Hollywood’s Invisible Minority: 7 Disabled Latino Characters from Film and TV from remezcla.com

Covering disabled representation in cinema usually involves a fair amount of frustration and compromising. The majority of disability narratives are “inspiration porn,” reliant on overly sentimental and saintly characters whose supposed inner strength serves to galvanize the non-disabled audience watching to appreciate life. Movie studios and TV networks always have the audience in mind, but no time more specifically when it comes to representing disability, and this often leaves the narratives stale and one-note.

Eiza Gonzalez Talks New Projects, Fashion, Beauty And Impeaching Trump from people.com

It-girl Eiza González reached stardom in her native Mexico as a telenovela star before landing a breakout role on T. V. series From Dusk Till Dawn in 2015. Since then, she’s nabbed a major part in Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver, starring Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, and Jon Hamm and begun work on three new film projects. The Neutrogena Brand Ambassador is now using her ever-expanding platform to give voice to fellow Latinos in the United States in the wake of Donald Trump’s termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). She sat down with People Chica to talk about the current administration’s immigration policies, her latest projects and skincare routine.

Meet the Immigrant Comedians Making Deportation Funny from splinternews.com

While those things are no laughing matter, today’s undocumented comedians are carrying on an American tradition of finding the humor in tragedy. The Civil War gave rise to the “age of practical joking”; as the war became more and more brutal, the comedy grew darker but stronger. The genre of screwball comedy grew out of the Great Depression. During the civil rights movement, black comedians like Moms Mabley, Sammy Davis Jr. , and Dick Gregory used their visibility and wit to fight against black oppression.

Miguel & Natalia Lafourcade Are Collaborating on a Song for Pixar’s 'Coco' from remezcla.com

n all-star team of composers, music supervisors, and songwriters (including the duo behind Frozen’s most famous tune “Let It Go”) has come together to bring musical life to the forthcoming Día de los Muertos-themed Pixar movie Coco. Among the collaborators is Camilo Lara of Mexican Institute of Sound fame, who is consulting on the project.

A Producer Told María Celeste Arrarás She Couldn't Go to Puerto Rico With Celebs from hiplatina.com : Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican journalist María Celeste Arrarás planned to visit her native island along with other celebrities in what was supposed to be a joyful time with the victims of Hurricane Maria. As we told you yesterday, the trip did happen. Ricky Martin was there, as was Nicky Jam, Luis Fonsi, Chayanne, and Emilia and Gloria Estefan. But Arrarás was not.

Lin-Manuel Miranda releases star-studded song for Puerto Rico from cnn.com : Puerto Rico

Lin-Manuel Miranda and 22 of his musically talented friends have released a new song to raise money for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. Titled "Almost Like Praying," the song -- which clocks in at more than three minutes -- pays tribute to the island by name-checking several municipalities, all set to an infectiously joyful beat. Miranda, who organized the effort, kicks off the single by singing of Puerto Rico: "Say it loud and there's music playing/ Say it soft and it's almost like praying.

Cuban Actress Ana de Armas (who stars in Blade Runner 2049) on the Challenge of Crossing Over From Spanish to English Films from hiplatina.com

When Ana de Armas was cast in the highly anticipated sequel from director Denis Villeneuve, Blade Runner 2049, headlines were made asking who was this new face set to star opposite Oscar-nominated actors Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford? But the Cuban actress is no stranger to the big screen. To American audiences, she’s a new face in Hollywood, but the actress began her career at the age of 14 and has been a working actress for over 10 years in Cuba and Spain. In 2015, she made her US debut in Eli Roth’s Knock Knock, starring opposite Keanu Reeves, quickly followed up by Hands of Stone with Robert DeNiro, and War Dogs with Miles Teller. Now, de Armas is taking on the future with Gosling and Ford in what is being called one of director Villeneuve’s masterpieces. We got a chance to talk with de Armas about her experiences “crossing over,” the making of Blade Runner 2049, and more.

Chrissie Fit Remembers the First Time She Lost out on a Role Because She’s Latina: ‘I Felt a Sadness. It Shouldn’t Be That Way’ from latina.com

ctress Chrissie Fit landed the role of a lifetime playing Flo in the smash hit Pitch Perfect 2 and the soon-to-be-released Pitch Perfect 3. But, she didn’t always have such a positive experience with casting directors. In a new interview with CBS 8, she recalls the exact moment she realized that her ethnicity would put up roadblocks in Hollywood.

Morazán' Is Honduras' First-Ever Entry Best Foreign Language Film Oscar from remezcla.com : Honduras

ecent standouts like Guatemala’s Ixcanul or Costa Rica’s Princesas Rojas have introduced international audiences to Central American cinema by representing their countries at festivals around the world and at the Academy Awards. Slowly, other countries in the region have realized the importance of having a presence abroad and this year Catrachos are finally getting in on the Oscar game.

Once Upon A Time’s New Latina Cinderella Is The Disney Princess I Needed Growing Up from refinery29.com

On Friday night, the season 7 debut of Once Upon A Time will look very similar to the long-running ABC drama’s previous season premieres, despite news of the series’ soft reboot. Veteran cast members Lana Parrilla, Colin O'Donoghue, and Robert Carlyle will all be present during opener “Hyperion Heights. ” There will be travel through realms, a curse, and reimagined classic Disney characters. The latter of those three OUAT staples is what fills my heart with hope. When Once returns, it will have a brand new Cinderella. And, that Cinderella (Dania Ramirez) will be a sword-wielding, ass-kicking, motorcycle-riding Latina woman. The new Cinderella will be everything I, as an Afro-Latina millennial, could have ever wanted as a little girl.


How Chrissie Fit and 'Pitch Perfect 3' Are Challenging Latino Stereotypes from etonline.com

Chrissie Fit is challenging the status quo. The 33-year-old actress portrays a different kind of Latina character in Pitch Perfect -- and one that will only evolve when the franchise's third installment hits theaters in December. "A lot of the times you'll see the Latina character being overly sexual and loud, and then Flo is on the opposite end of the spectrum," Fit told ET over the phone on Monday. "She's dry, sarcastic and really soft spoken, so it's a cool thing to see the different representation. "

Talented Actress Marjorie De Sousa Signs Exclusive Contract with Telemundo from broadwayworld.com

Telemundo announced today the exclusive signing of renowned actress Marjorie de Sousa. The award-winning actress will STAR in Telemundo's upcoming original production Al Otro Lado del Muro (On the Other Side of the Wall). The series follows two women, one of humble origins and the other a prominent figure, who cross over from Mexico to the United States to try to rebuild their lives. De Sousa will portray THE GOVERNOR'S WIFE - a beautiful, elegant and refined woman who is devoted to her family, and whose world falls apart when she discovers her husband's involvement in illegal activities.

Danny Trejo kicks off reading at Vets' Hall from labloga.blogspot.com : California

The evening opened with a welcome by Francisco Juarez, a Vietnam veteran and Post 2 board member, who helped organize the event. Juarez said he is trying to connect, in a creative way, military veterans with the community, an effort to unify everyone, culturally. As a veteran, Juarez told the audience, “When military veterans and barrio warriors get together, something special happens. ” With that, Juarez introduced actor/activist Danny Trejo, who attended the event to support his friend O. T. Quintero. Trejo picked-up on Juarez’ theme regarding the association of military veterans and barrio warriors. Trejo said, “I watched most of the Vietnam War from my cell in San Quintin, and I couldn’t understand why they’d send those beautiful kids to fight [a war] when they had an abundance of convicts in the penitentiary. ”

Lin-Manuel Miranda drops new single to benefit hurricane relief from thehill.com : Puerto Rico

Lin-Manuel Miranda has released a new song to benefit hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. The “Hamilton” creator teamed up with Hispanic artists for the song “Almost like Praying,” which gets its name and main hook from a line in the song “Maria” from the musical “West Side Story. ”

GLAUDI Designer Johana Hernandez stars in Amazon's "The Fashion Hero" from latinheat.com

GLAUDI, Johana Hernandez’s fashion design announced the world premiere of The Fashion Hero, the show challenging fashion industry conventions, celebrating body positivity, and empowering universal beauty. The new show stars Johana Hernandez alongside 3 other forward thinking designers and documents their journey as they search for the new face of their collections.

Meet Ana de Armas, the Actress Who's Quickly Rising Through the Hollywood Ranks from popsugar.com

Ana de Armas is wasting no time making her mark on Hollywood, and you'd be smart to keep an eye on her. The 29-year-old is about to be everywhere with her role as Joi, Ryan Gosling's love interest in the new Blade Runner 2049 movie, and she's also set to star alongside Rosamund Pike and Clive Owens in Three Seconds, which will hit theaters in 2018. Get to know a few key facts about Ana before your girl-crush really intensifies.

9 Emerging Latino Artists Millennials Can’t Get Enough Of from 9news.com

With more than 233 million Instagram followers combined, these Latino entertainers are cementing their names in Hollywood. As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, ET is paying tribute to this special group of actors and singers, who are not only enriching the creative arts, but also paying it forward.

Latinx Misrepresentation in Media Demands Change - from a High School newspaper from berkeleyhighjacket.com : California

Growing up, I always found it strange that the Latina women on television were nothing like those around me. The few Latina characters I saw on television were loud, obnoxious women who were objectified and often cast in small roles. However, growing up in a Latinx household, I was surrounded by strong, influential, and inspiring Latina women, unlike those shown in the media. I quickly began to realize the disconnect between the Latinx characters shown in the media and those in the real world.

Transgender Brazilians Embrace Hit Soap Opera: ‘Now You Can See Us.’ from nytimes.com : Brasil

The hit show, which draws about 50 million viewers per night, has also struck a broader chord in Brazil, at a time when gay and transgender issues have become more prominent in the country. Currently pending before the Brazilian Supreme Court are two closely watched cases viewed by activists as fundamental to transgender rights, one involving a shopping mall’s refusal to offer a transgender woman access to a restroom, and another concerning the requirement of surgery as a necessary condition for the recognition of a person’s identity as transgender.

Alfonso Cuaron Launches Mexico Rises Campaign for Earthquake Relief from variety.com : Mexico

Director Alfonso Cuaron has launched a multi-platform campaign called Mexico Rises, to provide urgent relief to communities in Mexico impacted by the massive Sept. 19 earthquake. The fund was created with backing from Cuaron’s production company, Esperanto Filmoj. Anonymous Content and Participant Media are providing support to the initiative through the GlobalGiving organization.

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