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October 9th, 2017
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Is Tex-Mex Mexican Food? Mexican Food In Texas from tpr.org : Texas

Ordering a taco in San Antonio might not land you the same results if you order one in Brownsville, or El Paso. A recent forum explored the different regionalities of Mexican food across Texas, and its cultural implications. Texas Public Radio’s Norma Martinez has more.

You've Never Heard of This Indigenous Mexican Shellfish, but You Definitely Want to Try It from lamag.com : California

If you’ve never heard of callo de hacha, you’re not alone. It wasn’t until a few years ago that the local shellfish—native to the Sea of Cortez off Baja California—became available for import into the U. S. Inside each ax-head-shaped shell (hacha means “hatchet” in Spanish) sits a sweet, tender scallop about the size of a silver dollar, a prized ingredient along Mexico’s western coastline.

National Taco Day: A history of the humble Mexican food (with a bonus recipe) from qz.com

In this increasingly divided world of political infighting and unrest, tacos can unite us as a nation. Today is National Taco Day and according its website, Americans ate over 4. 5 billion tacos last year, enough to stretch to the moon and back. Restaurants and taco lovers around the country are celebrating the day with deals and discounts in honor of the humble, delicious, versatile Mexican street food.

Topo Chico Joins the Big Leagues After Being Acquired by Coca-Cola from abasto.com

In order to expand and strengthen its nationwide presence in the bottled mineral water market, beverage giant Coca-Cola has bought Topo Chico, a renowned Mexican mineral water brand, for $220 million. In a press release, Arca Continental, owner of Topo Chico and the second largest bottler in Latin America, announced the transfer of the mineral water brand rights to the Coca-Cola company in the United States.

UTSA’s Mexican Cookbook Collection is still sizzling from expressnews.com : Texas

Agnieszka Czeblakow, a librarian for rare books at the University of Texas at San Antonio, looks for a cookbook in the school's vault that has more than 1,800 titles in its cookbook collection. One of the books in the collection dates back to 1789.

Truck crashes into Mexican restaurant on National Taco Day from theledger.com : Florida

The Gainesville Sun reported that National Taco Day was interrupted at La Tienda on Wednesday when a 59-year-old man crashed into the restaurant’s patio. The truck hit a patio table, but no one was sitting at it.

How soy sauce became a staple in Mexican kitchens from scmp.com : Mexico

Walk up to a taco stand in Baja California, Mexico, and in the tray of condiments, you will likely find a bottle labelled “salsa de soya” – soy sauce. Soy sauce has become so common in Mexican kitchens that most recipes for carne asada (“grilled meat”), a dish considered traditionally Mexican, call for it. It’s likely that soy sauce came to the country in the luggage of the Chinese, who arrived on Mexican shores en masse in the 1800s, to work on irrigation and railroad projects.

L.A. Taco King Esdras Ochoa Becomes Global Taco King with New Hong Kong Hotspot from foodandwine.com : China

It was maybe the third night of service at 11 Westside, the hot new Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong, when chef Esdras Ochoa realized he had a hit on his hands. Ochoa, who opened Salazar in L. A. last year, is accustomed to seeing customers endure long waits for his next-level carne asada tacos with handmade tortillas. But what happened that night in Hong Kong was unlike anything he had encountered. Salazar is a restaurant that's almost entirely outdoors. On the handful of days it rains in L. A. , the restaurant might just take the night off.

Mexico City’s Street Food Vendors Regroup and Return After the Earthquake from eater.com : Mexico

Condesa is to Mexico City what the Mission District is to San Francisco: a vibrant neighborhood popping with hot restaurants, boutiques, and bars. It’s at the heart of Mexico City’s hipster dining scene, and is home to restaurants like acclaimed chef Gabriela Cámara’s hit seafood destination, Contramar. The ongoing gentrification in Condesa and the nearby Roma neighborhood started back in the early 2000s and, as the demographics have changed, street vendors have struggled to maintain their place in the social and economic structure of the community. Just last summer, the government issued an order to shut down at least 200 food stands in the area close to the nearby subway stations. Nonetheless, street-food vending is an essential part of Mexico’s culture, and in Condesa, it’s not uncommon to see stands on the corners of the main avenues.

More Food

Easy recipes using poblano peppers from washingtonpost.com

Poblano peppers are a favorite in WaPo Food kitchens — they’re not too spicy, not too mild and add something special with their own unique flavor. Here are a few ways to maximize their potential, from our Recipe Finder.

Oh My Freaking God! These Selena Quintanilla Cookies Are So Beautiful We Could Cry from popsugar.com

Horchateria Rio Luna in California says the treats "will make your heart go 'Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,'" and, yep, that is exactly what happened when we spotted Selena's famous red bustier, purple jumpsuit, and Amor Prohíbido look on their Instagram feed. Our hearts actually filled with joy, and our faces lit up with smiles. Each of the cookies retails for $5 and looks to be worth every penny.

Gourmet chef Martha Ortiz serves Mexican food like you've never seen before from independent.co.uk : United Kingdom

Ortiz is one of Latin America’s most celebrated chefs, the author of eight cookbooks on the region’s food, and the founder of Duclia Patria - her restaurant in Mexico City recently named 48th on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Now, she’s set her sights on transforming the burgeoning high-end Mexican food scene in London at a restaurant adjoined to the InterContinental London Park Lane.

Chili parlor queso from homesicktexan.com

People have asked me what is my favorite recipe from the book, and I always reply that I don’t have one. This is true, as there are so many variations of chile con queso that there is always something new to discover. I love them all. But I’m sharing this one with you today mainly because October to me is perfect chili weather. And what goes better with chili than queso? This is fall Texan comfort in a bowl served with a side of chips.

Milwaukee's best Mexican/Latin American restaurant, 2017 from onmilwaukee.com : Wisconsin

The best Mexican/Latin America category is always a hotly contested one during of Best of Dining poll, and this year's results were no different, with the top two contestants finishing within 20 votes of one another. But which restaurant reigns supreme? Which taco tops the list? Which burrito bests the rest? Which . . . OK, you get the idea. For the fourth time in five years, BelAir Cantina came away with the crown.

Chef Tello Carreon to leave acclaimed Mexican restaurant Nixta from stltoday.com : Missouri

Executive chef Tello Carreon will leave Ben Poremba's acclaimed Mexican restaurant Nixta on Oct. 21, Poremba announced on Wednesday. “I love what I do,” Carreon tells Off the Menu. “I gained as much as I could from the experience, and it's time for me to look for another venue. ”Carreon says he is not yet ready to discuss his future plans.

Melon Sangria from muybuenocookbook.com

This white melon sangria is inspired by the same flavors as the Chilean cocktail but made with Madria Sangria Moscato and Hennessy. Inspired by warm seaside summers Madria Sangria is a delicious blend of Moscato wine with hints of orange, peach, and apple. Paired with the smooth yet spicy taste of Hennessy this melon sangria has the right amount of sweetness to keep you coming back for more.

Market Fresh Chorizo at Mexico City's Mercado Jamaica from culinarybackstreets.com : Mexico

As soon as you enter Mercado Jamaica, one of Mexico City’s largest markets, you will quickly see (and smell) its main trade: flowers. Down the long aisles, hundreds of sellers line up colorful flowers that come from Xochimilco and other states. Visiting the market truly engages all the senses. But, you may ask, how does this include taste? Well, Jamaica Market happens to be home to several outstanding food vendors, among them one of our favorite taco stands in all of Mexico City.

X’tiosu Kitchen: A Oaxacan-Middle Eastern Restaurant in Boyle Heights Has an Inspiring Backstory from laweekly.com : California

The chicken shawarma taco at X’tiosu Kitchen is a physical representation of the journey of two brothers. The brothers grew up in a small Oaxacan town and crossed the militarized border as teenagers, then worked their way up in various American kitchens until they were able to open something of their own. X’tiosu, which means "thank you" in Zapotec, is a small, humble outpost in a Boyle Heights strip mall with outdoor dining only. A hand-painted sign welcomes you to the service window, where posted menu items include multicultural mash-ups such as the above-mentioned taco, a Oaxacan chorizo kabob served with spicy tahini sauce, and tabbouleh with nopalitos (cactus).

The Freaky Mexican Fruit That Can Give You Splinters - (hint it is Tuna or Prickly Pear fruit - the headline is a bit over-the-top) from ozy.com

Tuna — the fruit, not the fish — is not for the weak. Flanked by a vibrant fragile flower and a thorny green cactus pad, it’s a thing of extremes from birth. But you’ll find the goods are worth the fight, and may even be sweeter for the sweat you spill approaching them. Sometimes known as the “prickly pear” fruit, the tuna grows most abundantly in Mexico and the Southwest U. S. , but you can also find it in parts of Europe and Africa. The word “tuna” comes from the Taíno language, which was spoken in the Caribbean during pre-Columbian times. There are many different varieties, with shades ranging from fuchsia to blood-orange or pale green — but the most common is the cristalina, also known as the zarca.

Where to Eat Kosher in Mexico City from roadsandkingdoms.com : Mexico

a Muertita—the Little Dead Woman—sets up her quesadilla stall every evening on a busy commercial thoroughfare called Prolongación in the hilly neighborhood of Bosques de Reforma on the western outskirts of Mexico City. She and her staff of eight drive 90 minutes across the largest metropolis in the western hemisphere to get here by 5:30 p. m. and set up her tent, tables, chairs and cooking station with military efficiency. La Muertita repeats this ritual every evening of the week. Every evening, that is, except Friday. Celia (she won’t tell me her surname; it’s unclear why) isn’t Jewish, but 90 percent of her customers in this wealthy suburban enclave are, and Friday evening is Shabbat. Like any good businessperson, Celia makes her clients’ habits her own.

These Flamin' Hot Cheetos Limón Macarons Will Have You Screaming "Get in My Belly" from popsugar.com

What do you get when you mix a classic macaron recipe with Flamin' Hot Cheetos Limón? A sweet, sour, and spicy concoction you didn't know you needed, that's what. Danmi Desserts in Orange County, CA, brought to life this insane yet genius idea, and the treats look heavenly, featuring a few crunchy pieces of the snack mixed with the filling, a tie-dye-like swirl on the cookies, and colorful sprinkles on top. You can order a whole batch of the handmade macarons by direct messaging the bakery via Instagram or sending an email and have them delivered right to your home. If we haven't convinced you to try them out, just wait until you see the pictures.

Chicken fried oyster taco recipe from Fusion Taco from abc13.com

Tacos never get old, but you shouldn't be afraid to mix it up every once in a while! Learn how to make mouthwatering chicken fried oyster tacos

How To Make Avocado Ice Cream (The Easy Way) from guestofaguest.com

The next time your avocados ripen all in one go, threatening to cross the threshold to the netherworlds before you have a chance to eat them all, don’t make guacamole. Grab some whole milk from the fridge and make ice cream instead. You might be thinking: Avocado ice cream? Your usual choices are firmly in the chocolate-vanilla-strawberry canon. Yes, Fany Gerson, the woman behind the ice cream and paleta shop La Newyorkina, would say. “It has some savory notes, but it’s not a savory ice cream. ” Super-ripe Hass avocados (plus a little sugar—only half a cup) give it a gentle sweetness, and lime and salt make the avocado flavor sing while they all play together in a rich, dairy-fueled milk base.

Cooking, Inspired by Grandma, at My Cuban Spot in Brooklyn from nytimes.com : New York

Sometimes it’s a relief to eat a dish that makes no pretense of beauty, that settles for simply being delicious. At My Cuban Spot, a takeout window with a couple of sidewalk tables in Gowanus, Brooklyn, three huevos fritos (fried eggs) come slapped over rice. The yolks quiver; the whites are riddled with bubbles; the dark brown frills crackle between the teeth. What more could you ask of fried eggs? Pop the yolks all at once, and they ooze, half liquid, half cream. The rice below is good enough to stand alone, springy and rich from steaming in chicken bouillon and olive oil, with an accent mark of salt.

Native Corns in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico :: The Delights of Lechuza Vineyards and Viñas Pijoan from mexicocooks.typepad.com : Mexico

You might well ask about the point, the vision, the purpose of this corn journey. You can read here Corn: Mexico's Gift to the World, for a quickie refresher about the thousands of years of history of the corn we know today, corn domesticated in what is now Mexico. That long heritage of Mexico's corn is in jeopardy today; Rafael Mier and I were invited to take corn and its crucial importance to the chefs and cooks in Baja California, where little corn is grown and few ancient corns are known.

Art Cooking: Frida Kahlo from youtube.com

We explore the recipes of artist Frida Kahlo, whose work celebrated Mexico's history, vivid colors, and it's FOOD. On the menu: 1) Chiles Stuffed with Cheese aka Chiles Rellenos 2) White Rice with Plantains 3) Nopales Salad 4) Tequila.

London’s First Dedicated Guacamole and Tequila Bar Is Set to Open in Covent Garden from london.eater.com : United Kingdom

Opening “within” (inside?) Cantina Laredo in the heart of Covent Garden, the as yet unnamed bar will serve inventive iterations of guac alongside, well, tequila. First, to avos – “the in-house “Guacamaestro”, who will theatrically prepare ‘The Great Eight Guacamoles’ in front of you. As experts in the art of guacamole, Cantina Laredo only use house-selected and perfectly ripened Hass avocados with truly sensational ingredients to create one of a kind guacamoles. The menu includes Grasshoppers with Grilled Avocados, Creamy Blue Cheese with Almonds and Pineapple with Pomegranate Seeds. ” In sum: heat crimes against avocados, retro dinner parties, and quite a lot of acidity.

PR Strawberry hibiscus popsicles from theothersideofthetortilla.com

The bulk of the flavor in this recipe comes from the strawberries and a concentrated juice made from stewing dried hibiscus flowers. Thanks to the natural sweetness of the strawberries, you really don’t need to add much brown rice syrup to balance out the berries and tartness of the juice. These popsicles aren’t super-sweet, but just enough so to make you feel like you’re having a treat.

Tortilleria Arevalo's secret to a healthier tortilla is Peruvian mesquite flour from tucson.com

Tortilleria Arevalo specializes in mesquite tortillas, which are made with Peruvian mesquite flour. They’re said to be high in fiber and protein and healthier than a regular flour tortilla. The adventure toward mesquite tortillas all started when Gary Nabhan asked the Arevalos to try their hand at mesquite tortillas. He is the University of Arizona Southwest Center’s Kellogg Endowed Chair in Southwestern Food Systems.

Vegan World Celebrity Chef Will Open a Mexican Spot in the East Village from ny.eater.com : New York

Self-anointed “world’s leading plant-based chef” Matthew Kenney is opening two restaurants back to back this fall: He’s following up hard-to-read XYST on November 1, with the more straightforward Bar Verde, a vegan Mexican restaurant in the East Village.

Meet Kiosko, Portland's proudly Latinx coffee shop from oregonlive.com : Oregon

Angel Medina wants to be known as a “dude who roasts good coffee, not the Mexican dude who roasts coffee. ”But in Portland, one of the country’s leading third-wave coffee cities, home to the pioneering coffee company Stumptown, Medina and his girlfriend Lucy Alvarez’s three-month-old coffee shop Kiosko stands out.

Traditional Mexican Aguachile Recipe from adelaidereview.com.au

Daniella Guevara, Head Chef of the newly opened Mexican restaurant La Popular Taqueria, shares her delicious authentic Aguachile recipe. This dish is perfect for summer, it will refresh you, for sure. It is a kind of ceviche, the difference is that it needs to be served immediately once you mix the prawns with the cucumber, lime and onion.

Recipe for Pepper Jelly and Goat Cheese Tostada from tampabay.com

This recipe is very in line with how I cook most often at home: scrounge around the fridge, try to assemble a collection of ingredients that work well together, marvel at how simple things can come together to produce a dish that makes my husband go, "Wow, this is really good. "

Move Over, Pink, Because Purple Is the Color of Our New Favorite Horchata from popsugar.com

Just when we thought pink horchata was going to be our drink of choice from now until forever, we found a new version of the cold Latinx sip, and this time it's purple! The delicious-looking brew is made using the extract of purple yams, also known as ube, pouring it over ice and adding a dusting of cinnamon on top. Ube is commonly eaten and drank in Asian countries, and now you can get your own slice of its antioxidant-rich powers. As much as we love us some classic horchata, this one is definitely giving it a run for its money.

All vegan Mexican restaurant Jajaja is now open on the Lower East Side from abc7ny.com : New York

In New York, finding a Mexican restaurant is easy, but one spot on the Lower East Side is serving classic Mexican staples with a unique spin. Jajaja is serving up all vegan dishes. Co-owners Koorosh Bakhtiar and Nima Garos developed the idea together. "At first, we were going to do mainly Mexican food and found the challenges of people trying to eat vegan and trying to find something that they love with good vibe, good food, good service," Garos said.

Mexican-Style Fish Tacos with Guacamole and Chayotes from hiplatina.com

Rarely do you think of tacos as being an unhealthy meal option, but with all the different fried versions that we encounter, the calories can add up. Fortunately this National Taco Day nutrition coach and best-selling author Maru Dávila has blessed us with a healthy, yummy taco recipe from her book, The Mexican Food Diet, that will satisfy the whole family.

PR Celebrity Chef Aaron Sanchez shows us how to use grapes to transform simple meals from arklatexhomepage.com

Chef Sánchez has tips and tricks for taking your favorite snack food and incorporating it into delicious meals that will make your cooking and dining experience easy and memorable–perfect for family gatherings and the holidays. like WHITE GARDEN STYLE TLAYUDA WITH PICKLED GREEN GRAPES AND CHORIZO

9th Vallarta Nayarit Gastronómica 2017 is making history from vallartadaily.com : Mexico

According to organizers Carlos Elizondo and Consuelo Elipe this event is “making history,” as this is the first time there will be chefs representing 13 Michelin Stars and 21 Soles Repsol together in one culinary event, positioning it not only as the best in Mexico and Latin America, but within the top ten on the world stage.

I’m a Restaurant Owner in Mexico City. After the Earthquake, I Went to Work. from eater.com : Mexico

The two-tone wail of our alarma sísmica, the modem-sized box screwed to the wall in my restaurant, Cicatriz, in Mexico City, that alerts us to tremors, always causes a momentary fright. The detector is there by law — it was a package deal with the smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. It usually goes off a few times a week, blinking to life during the micro earth disturbances that are common here. The alarm sounds and the staff and I stop what we are doing, glance wide-eyed at each other, stare at the hanging globe lamps to detect any swaying, and, generally, go back to business.

PR Web Entrepreneur Launches MyMexicanFoods.com, a Website Featuring Authentic Mexican Cooking Must-Haves from digitaljournal.com

Founder of MyMexicanFoods. com, Rose Marie Salgado is pleased to announce the launch of her new website venture; the website features a broad assortment of authentic Mexican cooking must-haves including authentic Mexican recipes, cookbooks for full-flavored dishes, countertop kitchen appliances, cooking tools, and kitchen supplies. For more information, visit the website’s blog at MyMexicanFoodReview. com.

Salud to Life, Tequila and Mexican Fusion from slugmag.com : Utah

Trending in the international food scene of Mexico City is Mexican-fusion cuisine. Fresh, local ingredients mixed with Mexican spice and prepared proteins resting upon a bed of lentils and veggies to create distinctive flavor is the undeniable progression of authentic Mexican cuisine. Here in Salt Lake, the off-the-beaten-path Frida Bistro delivers the subtle yet powerful essence your taste buds crave. Cuisine this lovely is similar to Mexico’s fusion gastronomy that is beginning to take the world by storm.

The 'Philly Taco' Is Actually Just a Pizza-Wrapped Cheesesteak from vice.com : Pennsylvania

On an all-new episode of THE PIZZA SHOW, host Frank Pinello treks to Pennsylvania to sample the best slices the state has to offer. The highlight of his trip comes in Philadelphia, where he's graced with something called the "Philly Taco": a Philly cheese steak wrapped in a massive slice of pizza, which he tries to tackle in one sitting.

Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill updates its flavors from lasvegasweekly.com : Nevada

Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace has been one of the most popular restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip for so long—since 2004—one might assume the menu never needs a change. And maybe it doesn’t, since its bold Southwestern flavors never seem to lose their spice, and favorite plates like the goat cheese queso fundido and the green chile cheeseburger with roasted poblanos remain must-order selections.

Taco Fest: Entertainment Lineup and Weirdest Tacos from desmoinesregister.com : Iowa

The inaugural Taco Festival will soon be upon us, bestowing a wide assortment of tacos upon a hungry crowd. With tequila tastings, a tiny taco dog beauty pageant, lucha libre wrestling and eating contests, this festival has lots in store for festival-goers on Saturday, Oct. 7 from 12 to 6 p. m. Get ready to chow down on tacos ranging from mild to wild from over 20 popular restaurants and food trucks from across the metro.

PR StarKist® and Tapatío® Turn Up the Heat with the Launch of New StarKist Tuna Creations® Tapatío® from prnewswire.com

StarKist Co. is proud to announce its most recent partnership with Tapatío, the world-renowned hot sauce made with authentic ingredients and flavors. This partnership is part of StarKist's newest addition to its BOLD line of flavored tuna pouches: StarKist Tuna Creations® Tapatío. Paired with a touch of lime juice, the new Tuna Creations® BOLD Tapatío flavor offers an entirely different taste experience to premium tuna through a mixture of heat and sweetness; a unique combination with a kick. This perfect blend is ready to enjoy on corn chips, a salad, in a taco or straight from the pouch. This partnership was brokered by Tapatío's licensing agency, Brand Central, LLC.

Petite Taqueria: Mexican-Inspired Omakase on La Cienega. An Idea Whose Time Has Come. from urbandaddy.com : California

Time for Petite Taqueria, a fashionable Mexican concept from the crew that brought you Nice Guy, Poppy and Delilah, now open in West Hollywood looking like this. Let's get this out of the way first. The tableside guacamole here is named for Kendall Jenner. Clearly, Leo's al pastor in a gas station parking lot is not what you're coming for. It looks more like a set piece from La Boheme, a romantically frayed bistro of velvet sofas, potted palms and subway tiles slathered in framed art.

This Is a Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream Churro Sandwich — Is Your Mouth Salivating? from popsugar.com

Give us a minute while we find our words to describe the magical dessert we found while scouring the depths of Instagram. Introducing the pumpkin spice latte ice cream sandwich with, get this, candy corn, M&M's and caramel syrup between two churro "buns. " Yes, you read every single one of those words correctly. Churrito Loco is the bakery in Moreno Valley, CA, responsible for this insane creation, specializing in delicious churro treats like stuffed churros and hot dogs wrapped in churros — what even!? These people are evil geniuses!

Robert McKay, who designed the first Taco Bell and turned it into a fast-food empire, dies at 86 from latimes.com : California

Robert L. McKay, the former architect who designed the first Taco Bell restaurant and helped transform the brand into a fast-food powerhouse, has died of cancer in Santa Ana. He was 86. It was 1964 when McKay, then a Sherman Oaks architect, was hired by Taco Bell founder Glen Bell to create a distinctive new look for the business. Bell had opened his first Taco Bell in Downey in 1962, selling hard shell tacos and other Mexican-inspired foods.

PR California Tortilla® Pushes First Expansion Outside Mid-Atlantic Region from markets.businessinsider.com

Currently operating 50 locations across D. C. , Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, California Tortilla is offering franchise opportunities for multi-unit expansion nationwide. Looking to grow from the Mid-Atlantic region outwards, the brand's top markets for growth include North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Florida and Ohio. Additionally, California Tortilla is set to debut in Connecticut, while adding to the brand's established presence in Maryland and Virginia.


Absinthe and mezcal with smoking rosemary from mensfitness.com

Light up the night with this mysterious cocktail, perfect for fall.

Have Yourself a Boozy Little Christmas With This Glorious Tequila Advent Calendar from popsugar.com

Don't get us wrong — we love indulging in a daily chocolate treat from traditional Advent calendars, but sometimes we're craving something a bit, er, stronger to aid in our Christmas countdown. Enter boozy Advent calendars, the answer to our wildest holiday dreams. We recently discovered Drinks by the Dram, a glorious company that makes all the spirit-filled calendars our Christmas-loving hearts could ever desire, and perhaps the best option of them all is its 2017 Tequila Advent Calendar. Just writing the words "tequila Advent calendar" in succession is getting us psyched!

PR Hornitos® Tequila Launches Hornitos®, Continuing Its Decades Long Tradition Of Pushing Boundaries from prnewswire.com

Hornitos® Tequila officially announced the launch of new Hornitos® Cristalino on the heels of its latest marketing campaign, "A Shot Worth Taking," which debuted on Mexican Independence Day. Hornitos Cristalino is a 100 percent blue agave tequila that is aged and filtered to produce an exceptionally smooth and crystal clear añejo – the first of its kind to be made available in the premium category.

Exclusive Extract From The Book: The Mezcal Experience By Tom Bullock from femalefirst.co.uk

Read an exclusive extract from The Mezcal Experience by Tom Bullock.

Halloween cocktails to make with Houston-based Pura Vida Tequila from houstonchronicle.com

Is it too early to start thinking about Halloween? Not when our store shelves already are full of trick-or-treat candy, costumes, fake fangs and endless variations of pumpkin-spice flavors. Pura Vida Tequila, the Houston-based premium tequila brand, has had Halloween on the brain for months. And why not? The goblins' holiday, on the eve of All Saints' Day, is an opportunity for adults to cut loose with creative cocktails.

How Great Tequila Gets Made from uproxx.com

Jesus Hernandez is just the master distiller to guide us on our tequila journey through the blue agave fields in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Master Hernandez has been making tequila for over 20 years. He started out in the US at the Seagram’s plant, before hearing the siren call of his homeland. Hernandez took a chance and moved back to Mexico in the late 1990s to apply his hard-earned knowledge in the booze trade to making a great tequila from his home state. 20 years later, his baby, Altos Tequila, is one of the best tequilas on the market and is poised to become your favorite tequila too.

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