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Food & Drink Report

October 16th, 2017 Menu:
Hightlights : The Arts & Entertainment : Education : Business : Food & Drink : Health : Latina

Top Picks

The Avocado Light Is a New Low-Fat Avocado, But How Does It Taste? from

Many worshippers of the smooth, green-fleshed, perpetually Instagrammable deity known colloquially as the avocado are of the belief that there is only one rule when it comes to consumption of our toast-adorning overlord: You can never eat too many. Despite its naysayers, avocado is eminently spreadable, saturated with nutrients, and can lower your cholesterol. Sushi, sandwiches, chips: Is there anything that isn't improved by avocado, we ask?There's only one problem: The FDA-approved serving size of an avocado is apparently only a third of an avocado. A day. WHAT?

Guerrilla Tacos' Sweet Potato Taco from

In a city where taco trucks are an iconic treasure, Avila’s rise started five years ago with a humble $300 food cart and a hibachi grill (his wife suggested the name “guerrilla” because in the early days Avila cooked on the lookout for cops that might shut him down). He soon graduated to a legit food truck plying the streets of Los Angeles and serving long lines of fans, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold, who added Guerrilla Tacos to his “best restaurants” list.

How the Mexican Craft Beer Boom Looks From the Inside from : Mexico

Most American beer drinkers have a very specific idea of what it means for something to be a “Mexican” beer. And that specific idea involves a light and not always flavorful lager. In fact, as my colleague Mike Pomranz pointed out, American breweries are labeling some of their light lagers “Mexican” style. This perception is likely for a few reasons. First and foremost, light lagers from a small handful of industrial beer companies completely dominate the Mexican beer scene. In 2015, according to the Brewer’s Association, the American trade group focused on promoting craft beer, the craft beer market in Mexico was only one percent of all the beer sold in the country. For comparison that number was more than 12 percent in the U. S. And the 99 percent of macrobrews that swamp the Mexican beer landscape are also almost the entirety of the country’s export market, so they are all many Americans are exposed to. But the stylistic diversity embraced by the American craft beer movement has taken root in Mexico in recent years. And while the beer is still mostly available only within Mexican borders, that is starting to change. At the bleeding edge of that change is Jordan Gardenhire, a Colorado transplant who moved to Baja California Sur more than a decade ago, and in 2007 opened the doors to the Baja Brewing Company. With his beer available in eight states now, (California, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and as far east as Illinois) it may be one of the most widely distributed Mexican craft beers in the U. S.

Top Chef El Salvador Sparks Outrage After Cooking Endangered Reptile from

iewers were scandalized when Top Chef El Salvador, their local version of the American reality series, prepared live iguanas during primetime television. The show’s four finalists were tasked with slicing the reptiles into original dishes for the judges. While iguanas are a traditional food in El Salvador, it was the graphic nature of the program and the fact that the reptiles are a protected and endangered species that sparked outrage:

12,000 crispy tacos give Mexico a new Guinness record from : Mexico

Bancomer, the Mexican division of the multinational Spanish banking group BBVA, set a Guinness World Record yesterday after preparing the largest number of flautas, or crispy, fried tacos, in under eight hours. The bank’s goal was to prepare at least 5,000 flautas and serve them to 3,761 employees, managerial staff and guests. But they actually made 12,000.

Trader Joe's Stops Buying Mexican Shrimp After Pressure to Protect Vaquita Porpoise from

Conservation organizations announced today that Trader Joe’s has declared it will stop buying shrimp from Mexico. The popular grocery store chain’s decision follows pressure from organizations behind the Boycott Mexican Shrimp campaign, launched earlier this year to save the vaquita, the world’s smallest porpoise, from decades of decline due to entanglement in shrimp fishing gear.

Their Coffee Is World-Renowned. Now More Guatemalans Are Actually Drinking It from : Guatemalan

Anacafe reports that 10 percent of the coffee produced in Guatemala now stays in the country. Just a decade ago, nearly 100 percent of Guatemalan coffee was exported to places such as the U. S. , Europe and Japan.

These two entrepreneurs took Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine back to Seoul from : Korea

They grew up in the United States: Kim in Texas and Park in Los Angeles. They are the children of Korean immigrants. Their parents also worked, a lot. And that meant that when it came to making dinner, they were often on their own. When you would open up the fridge at his childhood home, Kim says, “there’s usually some sort of a protein, a bulgogi or a galbi or a type of barbeque meat. ”

Worst taco recipe ever has thyme, mustard, sugar, and pickles (video) from

In Lyon, France, the folks at Bnin claim to make tacos with mustard, ketchup, thyme, sugar, mayonnaise, pickled cucumbers, “pomme frites” and “sandwich cheese” then wrap them up in flour tortillas like a burrito and toast them in a panini press. Unclear on the concept, don’t you think?


A Bethlehem taco spot was named the nation's third best from : Pennsylvania

Bethlehem's tacos, it seems, stack up with heavy-hitters in Mexican food hubs like California and Arizona. At least that's the case according to a recent ranking by BusinessInsider, compiled in partnership with the food reviewing website Yelp for National Taco Day on Oct. 4. (Credit to Lehigh Valley with Love for noticing Bethlehem's place on the list. )Aqui Es A Taste of Mexico, at 821 Linden St. , Bethlehem, was listed as the nation's third-best taqueria, beating out the offerings in food capitals like New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Arizona Taco Festival at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, 10/14-15 from : Arizona

Aaron Pool, owner of the Mexican restaurant Gadzooks, is looking for his third win for best chicken taco at this year’s Arizona Taco Festival this Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 14-15. About 50 local restaurants will go head-to-head to see whose tacos are the best. Pool’s tomatillo chicken taco has won best chicken taco two of the four years he’s entered it.

Lay’s Reveals Its Newest Potato Chip Flavor — And You’ll Want a Margarita to Pair with It from

The votes are in and America has chosen: Lay’s latest potato chip flavor is Crispy Taco. Ellen Sarem, of San Antonio, Texas, who came up with the winning flavor, took home $1 million for her submission in Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” contest.

Saffron Makes a Comeback in Catalonia from

Saffron may be most commonly associated with Iran, currently the world’s largest producer of this costliest of spices, but it has a long and storied history across the Mediterranean, particularly in Spain. Once an important saffron producer and trading center, Catalonia has seen a resurgence in saffron cultivation in recent years.

My Racial Identity Is Confusing — My Connection To Hatch Green Chile Stew Isn't from

Ever since I can remember, on Christmas Eve my immediate family would load into a car and drive 30 minutes across town to my great aunt Stella’s home for dinner. That trademark spicy smell, mixed with the scent of her always impeccably decorated tree, is Christmas to me. My grandmother and her sister always make one pot of red chile, one pot of green chile, and a separate pot of pinto beans. Though the dishes share a similar sounding name, this isn’t the chili that might be served with sour cream and Fritos or on top of a bowl of spaghetti. It finds pleasant company with Dove Creek pinto beans that turn to velvet in my mouth, putting tough kidney beans to shame. It enhances enchiladas, brings out the most beautiful flavors on a burger, or of course, can simply be sipped like a magical elixir that warms your body from the inside out.

Of Puerto Rican food in the city and the meaning of chinchorreo from : Florida

This is mostly a cautionary tale about a time I went to one Puerto Rican restaurant and got too full. Orlando is lucky to be home to a sizable and vibrant Puerto Rican community — which in turn has given us some of the best authentic Puerto Rican food outside of the island. So for all of you Central Floridians who’ve never partaken of this sacred Puerto Rican tradition, it is time for you to learn a word that will change your life: chinchorrear.

Two Arizona spots named to Best Mexican Restaurants in America list from : Arizona

Being so close to the border, it’s easy to understand why Arizona has some of the best Mexican restaurants in the country. Two in particular stand out, according to a popular food and drink website. Thrillist named Phoenix’s Barrio Café and Tucson’s El Charro Cafe to their list of “The 31 Best Mexican Restaurants in America. ”

Future bleak for Pepitos, the S. Minneapolis Mexican institution from : Minnesota

For many south Minneapolis lifers, this writer included, Pepitos occupies a space that's more emotional than gastronomical. The 46-year-old Mexican restaurant is a warm constant, a gathering place where the emphasis is on friends, drinks, and endless tortilla chips.

Chasing away Mexicali Blues with tostadas from

More than 5,000 kilometres from Halifax, Mexicali is a bustling border city with more than a million people. It is known outside of Baja California primarily for its agriculture, its maquiladoras (factories), its Chinatown (la Chinesca), its tostadas and that Grateful Dead song Mexicali Blues. (Is there anything a man don’t stand to lose?) It’s also where Columbian-born Cristina Gomez called home before moving to Halifax. Of all the things she misses the most about her home in Mexico, aside from the hustle and bustle of big-city life, it’s the access to fresh food on every street corner, from taco stands to mariscos (seafood) street carts.

There is Some Seriously Good Mexican Food in London Right Now from : United Kingdom

Back when Tomasina Miers opened Wahaca—about a decade ago, now—it felt almost revolutionary. You'd slip into the basement, kick back with a drink, order a couple of tacos, a side of roasted corn and be transported from London's tourist-choked Covent Garden to something almost like Mexico. Almost. At the time, there were entire American cities where you could not find anything close to as good as Miers' cochinita pibil—somehow, that classic Yucatecan preparation of piquant, citrus-marinated pork had leap-frogged right over much of the United States and the entirety of the Atlantic Ocean. It was served up as a taco that avoided all the usual taco pitfalls, when one is so far away from the center of the taco universe. These tacos were boldly simple, and remarkably tasty; there were notably good corn tortillas, the meat was high quality and, finally, there were no unseemly adornments. It was honest-to-goodness Mexican street food, or as close as you could expect to find, all the way over here.

Austin's favorite taqueria brings taco love to Dallas from : Texas

Austin-based Tacodeli, the cult favorite taqueria from chef-founder Roberto Espinosa and Eric Wilkerson, is bringing more fab tacos to Dallas-Fort Worth, with not one but two new locations set to open in 2018. Both are in the Plano area. The first is at Parkwood Village, at Parkwood Boulevard and Highway 121 near Stonebriar Centre and Legacy West, and will open in the first quarter of 2018. The second will open at the brisk intersection of Preston Road and West Park Boulevard near Whole Foods; that one will open in mid-2018.

About 20,000 people are expected to come to the Delta for tamales and fun from : Tennessee

This is the sixth year for the festival that started out as a way to remind folks that the little Delta town was still there, and largely thanks to the efforts of Greenville native and food writer Julia Reed, the Delta Tamale Fest has been attended by folks from all over the country. They're drawn in to eat good food, enjoy the Delta, and be a part of her culinary/literary mashup activities that include a Thursday dinner party with authors and luminaries such as Jessica Harris, Hodding Carter III, Calvin Trillin (not attending this year) and James Beard award-winning chefs.

New Orleans con Sabor Latino: Ivan Castillo from : Louisiana

This interview with Ivan Castillo was conducted by Tulane student, Alex Dubin as a part of the Southern Food & Beverage Museum's New Orleans con Sabor Latino exhibit. This exhibit was the result of a joint effort by Tulane University, SoFaB, and community partners.

The Rise of Latino Food Culture in the U.S. from

Latino food is now considered the third most popular food in the U. S. after American and Italian, with 15% of main meal items featured on menus being Mexican-inspired. CHD Expert, the Chicago-based foodservice database and analytics firm, reported on the Mexican Restaurant Industry Landscape that Mexican food is heavily consumed by Americans and is among the top three menu items in the USA.

Horchata Is in the Halloween Spirit, Thanks to This 1 Detoxifying Ingredient from : California

For those who love a good pastel Instagram moment, there were the red prickly pear and purple ube horchatas. But now, there's a black version of the Latinx drink perfect for those whose 'gram and life aesthetics are a little bit darker. The masters over at The Loop Handcrafted Churros in Westminster, CA (creators of the rainbow churros!) came up with the "char-chata," a classic horchata made with activated charcoal. The drink has a cool gradient effect, going from black to gray and finally a creamy white color.

Shreveport eatery lands on national list of top Mexican restaurant from : Louisiana

Ki' Mexico, located in the 3800 block of Gilbert Drive, was named one of the Thrillist 31 Best Mexican Restaurants in America. The storefront has been open for 2 years and co-owner Rodrigo Mondragon says it took a while to get to this point.

Pobre Panchos: A 50-year tradition of Mexican food in Fort Collins from : Colorado

Frank Perez shows up to work every morning in the Pobre Panchos kitchen like he has for the past 50 years. The 80-year-old U. S. Navy veteran rolls out sopapillas, dices tomatoes and whisks up soups among a variety of other tasks while getting the 1802 N. College Ave. Fort Collins Mexican restaurant open for the day.

After 46 Years In Mpls., Pepitos Mexican Restaurant Faces Closure from : Minnesota

An iconic Minneapolis restaurant may be closing its doors. Pepitos Mexican Restaurant has been a mainstay in south Minneapolis since 1971. But the business — and its owners — hit a streak of bad luck and bad timing.

Guide to Mexican limes from

Lime juice is an indispensable part of Mexican cuisine. It’s used in everything from beverages to dressing ceviche, soups, salads, fruit and vegetables, meats, in desserts and more. And it’s not just the juice; lime zest also makes its way into plenty Mexican recipes as well. The limón chico (also known as limoncito or limón de Colima) is what most people think of when they think of Mexican limes. They generally measure between 2. 5 and 5 centimeters in diameter, are more round (rather than oval) with thin, bright green skin, greenish-yellow pulp, have small seeds, and a very acidic flavor. As they age, the skin turns yellow and the flavor bitter when they’re over-ripened.

We're Not Worthy! These Churros Stuffed With Cheese Are Too Much from

The delicious-looking savory churros are made with potato, stuffed with Mexican ricotta, and rolled in parmesan and ancho powder, later drizzled with hatch chili sauce and Guajillo chile crema. Didn't reading every single one of those ingredients just make your mouth water? Because we are practically drooling right now! You can order these at the festival on Oct. 14 by asking for the churros de papa con requesón.

Sopa de Arroz con Costilla (Pork Ribs and Rice Soup) from

Soup season is here and I am celebrating with a simple soup that is very popular in Colombian homes. When I first made this soup a couple of months ago, I held back on posting it, being that it was the middle of summer. After all, who wants to eat l soup when it’s ninety degrees out?! Well, I do, but that’s beside the point, so I waited until fall was officially upon us. There is nothing more soothing and comforting to me on a cold day than a bowl of warm soup. This Rice and Pork Ribs Soup is cozy, filling, rich and full of flavor!

This Ten-Minute Tortilla Soup is filling comfort food _ fast from

owe the idea to well-meaning fans, who over the years would approach me to thank me for the genius of making 10-minute-meals. I never had the heart to correct them: I hosted Ten Dollar Dinners. Ten-minute meals, I always mused, would be about a thousand versions of PB&J, which sounded like hard television to pitch my producer. But the idea marinated. And then it became a challenge: what could I make in 10 minutes that wouldn't be a PB&J (no disrespect to the sandwich-anthem of my childhood)?

Costillas de Puerco en Chile Colorado (Chile Ancho Braised Pork Ribs) from

One of my all time favorite recipes that reminds of Mom and home are Costillas de Puerco en Chile Colorado. These country style boneless ribs are seared and browned at high heat and then braised in a homemade chile ancho sauce for almost 3 hours. The results are a tender, moist and flavorful rib. I don’t think my Mom ever used the boneless version of the country style ribs, but I find them to be economical and you don’t have to worry about any small, sharp bones.

OH Taco-bout it: New Mexican-inspired restaurant lands in Sandusky from : Ohio

They brought some savory south-of-the-border specials to Sandusky’s North Coast. Business partners Nikki Lloyd and Ryan Whaley recently unveiled OH Taco, downtown Sandusky’s newest restaurant and their latest ventures in an ever-evolving portfolio. OH Taco, located inside Hotel Kilbourne, which they also own, features Mexican-inspired meals peppered with an Ohio influence.

Best Taco in Des Moines: Where you can find award-winning tacos in Des Moines from : Iowa

Rain didn't stop 4,500 hungry taco-lovers from attending the inaugural Taco Festival at Western Gateway Park on Saturday. Festival-goers chowed down on more than 40 kinds of tacos from 20 different food trucks, restaurants and other vendors. The assortment included tacos made with beef, pork, chicken, seafood — even veggie and dessert tacos.

Why is the new taco bar opening downtown called 'Broken English'? from : Indiana

"I speak English with my friends, and I often find myself mixing in Spanish words because there are some phrases that simply don’t translate to English," co-owner Adolfo Garcia said in a news release Sunday. "This happens in many other languages and cultures, but that is what makes the name 'Broken English' fun. It is part of our daily slang. "The name drew attention, when a sign for the restaurant, which included the silhouette of a woman wearing a sombrero lounging in a margarita glass with her leg pointed upward, appeared in late September.


The personal drama behind one of Patrón Tequila’s founders from

On a sunny Friday afternoon in the summer of 2001, Ilana Edelstein noticed a locksmith working on the gate to her 7-acre estate, Windsong, in Montecito. She scared him off, but was confronted moments later by two strangers in a sedan parked inside the gate. Her longtime partner, Martin Crowley, co-founder of Patrón Tequila, was on an Italian cruise, and Edelstein was effectively defenseless. Suddenly, squad cars pulled up and out jumped the sheriff. Relief at last, she thought. Moments later a white BMW sedan followed, out of which stepped Crowley. Suddenly it dawned on her that the sheriff was not there to protect her but to remove her from the premises. Together with Crowley, she had found an unlikely fortune in an artisanal hand-blown glass bottle labeled “Patrón. ”

Tequila CEO Bertha González Nieves Knows Where to Get Great Salsa from : New York

As the co-founder and CEO of Casa Dragones tequila, Bertha González Nieves spends much of her day drinking on the job. “Does it sound like I’m drinking all day long?” she jokes. “I try to limit it. ” She makes sure to balance it out with hearty meals, and this week, that included duck carnitas at Cosme, toro hand rolls at EN Japanese Brasserie, and cacio e pepe scrambled eggs at Empire Diner. (Plus, a few glasses of sake and wine, for good measure. ) Read all about it in this week’s Grub Street Diet.

Can Bats Save Tequila? from

Ivan Saldana Montelobos, Ph. D. , is a chemist and agave expert, and a vocal advocate for greater transparency in agave production and consumer awareness. “The tequila industry is in crisis,” Saldana Montelobos says. “The entire industry could fail due to increased, irresponsible growing methods. Traditionally, the growers of agave were not the producers. ” As multinational brands increasingly acquire brands such as Don Julio and Del Maguey, the motivation shifts from cultivating agave using traditional and sustainable methods to simply growing more agave faster.

Mineral-driven tequila first, then ginger beer from : California

Green Acre’s director of food and beverage Chris Simmons serves his Mexican Mule the same way as the Moscow Mule — in copper cups. While his variation on the vodka-cum-ginger-cum-lime original is served as cold as a Russian winter, Simmons finds the heat for his concoction a bit further south

Cenote Tequila joins growing Stoli Group stable of spirits from

Stoli Group parent company SPI Group has added super-premium Cenote Tequila to its spirits portfolio. Presented at last week’s TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes, the super-premium tequila will feature on shelf in the first quarter of 2018.

This Tequila's Columbus Day Ad Misses the Mark Worse Than Columbus Himself - Video from

Just in time for Columbus Day, Astral Tequila presents "Columbus Day: A Reenactment," an ad starring Jonathan Goldsmith, the Artist Formerly Known as the Most Interesting Man in the World. (In June, in the wake of Dos Equis moving on to another actor to play Mr. Interesting, Astral released a teaser in which Goldsmith declared that "I told you, I don't always drink beer. ")

Former ‘Most Interesting Man’ Returns in Astral Tequila’s Tongue-in-Cheek Columbus Day Ad from

After retiring from his role as Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World last year, Jonathan Goldsmith turned to the hard stuff, appearing in a teaser ad for Davos Brands’ Astral Tequila in June. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the independent San Francisco-based Erich & Kallman beat out a number of unspecified New York and Los Angeles agencies and was named Astral Tequila’s first creative agency of record. Now, the agency has launched its first work for the brand, a Columbus Day social ad.

The “First Lady of Tequila” Provides an Insider’s Guide to San Miguel de Allende from : Mexico

When Casa Dragones cofounder Bertha González Nieves launched the high-end sipping tequila label eight years ago in the central Mexico city of San Miguel de Allende, she says it was the independent spirit and courage of the city’s legendary Dragones cavalry that drew the brand there. (Some background: The cavalry played an integral role in precipitating Mexico’s independence from Spain in 1810. )

How Patrón is educating people on the versatility of tequila from

Speaking to Campaign during the event in Spitalfields last week, Matthew Sykes, director of international marketing at Patrón Spirits, explained that the brand wants to change the perception of the drink as a shot taken with salt and lime.

South America's extreme vineyards from : Latin America

The intoxicating landscape of South America is diverse and extreme, says Alistair Cooper in this months magazine. Find out some of the most extreme vineyard sites. . .

Watch: Agave: The Spirit of a Nation Takes An Artful Look at the Land of Mezcal and Tequila from

Agave: The Spirit of a Nation is an artful and vivid look at the land of mezcal and tequila, from its origins to the story of how a once-obscure Mexican spirit has become the fastest-growing spirit in the world. Rural producers struggle to meet demand while fighting to stay true to the spirit’s heritage; larger brands work to create a premium global market. The film explores the modern explosion of growth and the newfound appreciation that the millennial Mexican generation has found for the spirit. The film is a cross-cultural co-production that takes a deep look at the relationship between people, plant and place. The film premieres in February 2018. Meanwhile, check out the teaser below.