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October 3rd, 2017 - Curated over the past two weeks.


How the Nopalito Cookbook Helped Me Rediscover My Family's Food from bonappetit.com

To explain to you why I love Nopalito, I have to start with mis abuelos. My brother and I would descend upon them in Southern California a few times a year, cramming into the extra bedroom in their small house and barreling through Abuelita’s perfectly arranged décor like small hurricanes. My grandparents, who came to the U. S. from northern Mexico when they were in their teens, had built themselves a lovely manifestation of the American dream: their own business, a little ranch house a few blocks from the beach, a rotating cast of cool vintage cars. When my brother and I arrived, we moved aside the embroidered doilies and china figurines of the apostles, ran in and out of the house sloughing beach sand all over the floors, and left our bikes strewn across the small road out back. And whenever we needed a second to breathe, we ate.

Your New Food Obsession Is Here: Healthy Arepas from popsugar.com : New York

There's one man bringing a whole new twist to arepas in New York City. His name is Celestino Diaz and he's the proud owner of Areppas restaurant (it's spelled like that on purpose, by the way), a little slice of heaven in Manhattan. Executive chef Gabriela Machado is bringing what the restaurant calls healthy gluten-free arepas to the US, made with carrots, beets, parsley, cilantro, lime zest, chicken broth, and corn flour instead of the traditional ground maize or cooked flour dough.

Why Don't Mexicans Like Mexican Restaurants in the United States? from ocweekly.com

DEAR MEXICAN: I love ethnic foods, and I always ask people of ethnic origins which local restaurants they like to eat at. Whenever I ask Mexicans what Mexican restaurants they like best, the answer is always "I don't like the way any of them make their food. " I live in Phoenix, which has a Mexican restaurant run by Mexicans on every corner. Don't tell me they all Americanize their food for us gabachas. What gives?

Viva Manteca! Lard: It’s what’s for dinner (and trendy oils cause cancer) from pocho.com

Hey, Millennials, you need more lard in your diet. And beef tallow. What? Animal fats are good for you and trendy oils can cause cancer!That’s the pitch from Coast Packing Company which we found by following Ernest Miller’s Tweet up there ^^^ with the tacos.

How A Venezuelan Chef Is Teaching Women To Make Chocolate And Money from npr.org : Venezuela

Unfortunately, for well over a decade, the country has been in a downward spiral. One woman is working tirelessly to circumvent this new normal. Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe is a Venezuelan chocolatier who has dedicated her life to proving that her country's cacao can propel an entire industry, even when the world around it is floundering.

The Weird Cockle Colombian Chefs Love from ozy.com : Colombia

The people call it piangua. Sure, it might be a hard word to force out for the non-Spanish speaker, but piangua is easy to gulp down. This cherry-size, jet-black mollusk is the littleneck clam’s South American impostor. And dare we say it might put the French and their moules frites obsession to shame?Colombians — mostly the country’s Afro-descendants who live in fishing villages along the Pacific coast — have been hunting this weird cockle and cooking it up for years.

Artist Ambar Navarro created shrines to honor the Mexican candies of her past from hellogiggles.com

Inspired by miniatures, Mexican culture, and candy, Ambar created a shrine to honor some of her favorite Mexican treats. We talked to the artist about her inspiration, how her background influences her art, her favorite candy, and about what she has coming up next.

Is Cañahua the new Quinoa? from aldianews.com : Bolivia

Cañahua, a little-known Andean grain that has a higher nutritional value than quinoa, is being introduced to the international market by Bolivia.

The Sporkful podcast asks whether Miami or Cuba has the best Cuban food from miamiherald.com : Florida

When Pashman visited Miami, he asked me to take him to a quintessential Cuban restaurant. I took him to La Fragua, a year-old restaurant off Flagler, where the royalty of Cuban cuisine, Quintin Larios and his wife, Maria Teresa, have been cooking their traditional fare once again after folding their Casa Larios restaurants for financial reasons.

Lonely Planet dedicates its Mexico edition to Nayarit’s gastronomy from vallartadaily.com : Mexico

From the Source Cookbook, Mexico Edition, includes the distinctive dishes of Nayarit straight from the kitchens where they were perfected.

Cookbook review: Queso! Recipes for the World’s Favorite Cheese Dip from atlantarestaurants.blog.myajc.com

You may think there’s only one recipe for cheese dip, and of course that would be the gooey, addictive chile con queso they serve at your favorite Tex-Mex joint. In fact, as Lisa Fain (aka The Homesick Texan) demonstrates in her delightful new book, there are dozens of variations of the crowd friendly classic that people love to scoop up with tortilla chips. When it comes to queso, most of us have no problem paying extra and pushing aside the complimentary salsa that’s standard at many Mexican joints. (And better for you, too. )

This Frida Kahlo Portrait Made Out of Rice and Seaweed Is Too Beautiful to Eat from popsugar.com

Samantha Lee is the food artist who brought the Mexican artist to life as a modified sushi piece, and from the looks of her Instagram, she is truly great at her job.

How to Find the Best Corn Tortillas at the Store from bonappetit.com

There are far more bad tortillas out there than good ones. Seriously, finding a package of decent corn tortillas is basically the toughest part of making awesome tacos at home. That's why we're in the tortilla education business. We want you to leave the store with the best possible foundation for your tacos or chilaquiles or enchiladas. This is what you need to know to buy the best corn tortillas you possibly can.


The Mexican drink michelada is beer with benefits from latimes.com

What exactly is a proper michelada? I’d love to hear a debate on this subject between my opinionated relatives who live on the border of Arizona and Mexico and Pati Jinich, the host of PBS’ Emmy-nominated “Pati’s Mexican Table,” who has her own strongly-held ideas about things. Ask my Nogales cousins, who’ve explored what seems like every corner of Mexico, and they'll describe a sort of super spicy Mexican Bloody Mary that calls for beer instead of vodka. To them, a michelada means light Mexican-style beer like Modelo Especial, a couple glugs of Clamato juice, a squeeze of lime, lots of Valentina hot sauce, all served in a pint glass.

Yola Mezcal - Founded by women who are fighting for fair wages for Oaxacan women from coolhunting.com

Led by three women—Yola Jimenez, Gina Correll Aglietti and Lykke Li—Yola Mezcal offers more than just a clean, balanced taste with that familiar smoky kick (akin to tequila's more sophisticated, older cousin). It's dedicated to traditional making methods and not only paying the workers in Mexico a fair wage, but furthermore, Yola's bottling facility in Oaxaca employs only women—creating more opportunities for economic independence in the area.

Venezuela craft brewers rare bright spot in crisis economy from reuters.com : Venezuela

With Venezuela’s economic crisis leaving consumers struggling to buy basic staple foods, small Caracas brewery Social Club might seem out of place selling craft beer that costs per bottle what a worker earning the minimum wage makes in two days. But business is booming.

Chilcano Mule from muybuenocookbook.com

Known to some as the Peruvian’s Moscow Mule, a traditional chilcano is a refreshing mixed drink made with pisco, lime, and ginger. As early as the 1800s, long before the Moscow Mule became popular, Peruvians were mixing pisco and ginger ale and using it as a hangover cure. Today it is one of Peru’s most popular drinks.

Survey Claims That Tequila's To Blame For Your Worst Hangover from esquire.co.uk

In a poll by Addictions. com, a website that deals with. . . addiction, 2,148 Americans, all of whom had been "intoxicated at least one time in the last year," were asked a series of questions about their drinking habits and it turns out that - well - tequila is ruining a few people's weekends/Friday morning conference calls.

Forget The Distillery, Tequila Is Made In The Fields from huffingtonpost.com : Mexico

When most people venture to see how their favorite liquor is made, they head straight for the distillery. Tours of those buildings are fun and informative, and they typically make for great trips—especially when there’s a tasting involved.

Lager Beer May Originate in South America and Not Germany, Research Suggests from nbcnews.com : Latin America

Unearthed 1,000-year-old pottery remains could settle a bubbling debate and prove lager beer has its origins in South America. Archaeologist Dr. Alberto Perez excavated ceramic pottery remains in southern forests near the Chile-Argentina border in 2016, just north of Patagonia.

Meet Volcan De Mi Tierra, Moët Hennessy’s New Volcanic Ash Tequila from themanual.com

When you hear the name Moët Hennessy, you think of luxury French cognac. Or the Moët Hennessy brand of upscale vodka, Belvedere. Or Champagnes like Moët & Chandon or Dom Pérignon. What you don’t think of, probably, is tequila

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