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October 9th, 2017
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15,000 People Form Giant Pink Ribbon in Mexico’s Fight against Breast Cancer from laht.com : Mexico

Some 15,000 people formed a giant pink ribbon to launch the annual campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer in Mexico, at a ceremony headed by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. On Mexico City’s Campo Marte field used for equestrian sports as well as military and government events, the thousands of participants this Monday carried pink umbrellas and together formed a giant pink ribbon, outlined by white umbrellas.

She was covered in insects and unable to walk: Doctors in Puerto Rico only now discovering the problems in remote towns from latimes.com : Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria’s landslides and flooding further isolated this mountain town, a volunteer doctor rushed to treat diabetic Brunilda Sovilaro, found on the floor of her home, covered in insects, unable to walk, disoriented and refusing to leave. “You are sick. You are very hot,” Dr. Jorge Lopez of Orlando, Fla. , told the 50-year-old woman. “Your sugar needs to be controlled. You have chest pain. It could be a problem with your heart. You need to go to the hospital. ”

Hurricane Damage in Puerto Rico Leads to Fears of Drug Shortages Nationwide from nytimes.com : Puerto Rico

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices are the island’s leading exports, and Puerto Rico has become one of the world’s biggest centers for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Its factories make 13 of the world’s top-selling brand-name drugs, from Humira, the rheumatoid arthritis treatment, to Xarelto, a blood thinner used to prevent stroke, according to a report released last year.

112 Degrees With No Water: Puerto Rican Hospitals Battle Life And Death Daily from npr.org : Puerto Rico

Every day across Puerto Rico, with its shattered power grid, hospitals are waging a life-and-death battle to keep their patients from getting sicker in the tropical heat. Now two weeks after the storm, about three-quarters of Puerto Rico's hospitals remain on emergency power. This creates dangerous conditions for critically ill patients.

Palm Beach Gardens man's life puts spotlight on need for Hispanic bone marrow donors from wptv.com : Florida

Even while he was fighting for his life, a Palm Beach Gardens man was working to save more lives than just his own. In April, we told you about Manny Valdez, a husband, a father, a son, and a brother who was battling leukemia. In August, Manny passed away. Because he was Hispanic, he faced a huge challenge find a perfect bone marrow match for a transplant.

This Latina Is Helping Opioid Users Switch to Medical Marijuana from dailyvitamina.com

Pricilla Vilchis, CEO of Premium Produce, is taking a lead in the cannabis industry, she is one of the few people that hold two medical licenses in Las Vegas, Nevada and soon in California. Twenty-seven percent of executives in the cannabis industry are women and she’s part of the growing demographic that is coming to the aid of patients that are able to use medical marijuana instead of opioids that have been proven quite dangerous.

Dulce Candy Shares Her Personal Experience With STDs To Raise Awareness from latina.com

Dulce Candy may be known as a Beauty YouTuber to many of her followers, but now she’s adding Sexual Health Advocate to her extensive resume.

What women's lives are like when abortion is a crime - just take a look In El Salvador from gantdaily.com : El Salvador

In El Salvador, abortion is illegal, with no exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the mother. Often, women who are poor are charged with aggravated homicide even in cases of miscarriage. To put the situation of sexual and reproductive rights in El Salvador in context, it has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in Latin America, where, as a health official told Reuters in 2016, more than a third of all pregnancies occurred among girls aged 10 to 19. Nearly two in every five pregnancies among girls in El Salvador aged 10 to 12 are the result of rape and incest but the rapists often go unpunished, according to the UN Population Fund. Since 1998, at least 150 women have been prosecuted under El Salvador’s abortion ban.

Public health major finds calling in post-quake Mexico from news.berkeley.edu : California

Medina-Echeverria, who lives in Hayward and is of Mexican heritage, didn’t know anyone in that part of the country. But he followed his gut instinct, bought a plane ticket and landed in Mexico City the following day. What happened on his whirlwind trip helped this bilingual nurse, public health major and father of two young children better define his career path. Berkeley News recently talked with Medina-Echeverria about what he calls a “very life-changing” four-day experience.

Fourth annual National Association of Hispanic Nurses held in Agawam from wwlp.com : Massachusetts

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses held their fourth annual scholarship fundraising gala Saturday night in Agawam. Nurses representing hospitals and health centers from all over Western Massachusetts gathered to give awards and scholarships to current and future nurses. The National Hispanic Nurses Association holds the event annually to raise funds for scholarships for Hispanic nurses and nursing students to further their education in healthcare.

Hispanic women encouraged to get mammograms from wpsdlocal6.com : Kentucky

Griselda Sanchez, a Mexican-American and certified nurse assistant, said “there is a lot of Hispanic women that are afraid of something else being found. They always ask me ‘what if I die?'”Sanchez said in Hispanic culture, many women don’t ever get checked because they either don’t want to put monetary burden on their family, they don’t trust doctors, or sometimes their husbands feel uncomfortable with them being naked in front of somebody else – even for medical reasons.

Tortilleria Arevalo's secret to a healthier tortilla is Peruvian mesquite flour from tucson.com

Tortilleria Arevalo specializes in mesquite tortillas, which are made with Peruvian mesquite flour. They’re said to be high in fiber and protein and healthier than a regular flour tortilla. The adventure toward mesquite tortillas all started when Gary Nabhan asked the Arevalos to try their hand at mesquite tortillas. He is the University of Arizona Southwest Center’s Kellogg Endowed Chair in Southwestern Food Systems.

Militarized Venezuelan Hospitals Ban Mobile Phones after Viral Photos of Medical Mayhem from panampost.com : Venezuela

TRENDING What I Learned after Being Robbed by the Venezuelan Authorities at the Caracas Airport Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil Are The Least Free Economies in Latin America: Fraser InstituteNEWSLETTERCorruption In VenezuelaMilitarized Venezuelan Hospitals Ban Mobile Phones after Viral Photos of Medical MayhemBY: ORLANDO AVENDAÑO - @ORLVNDOA - OCT 6, 2017, 10:25 AM39One patient, Nancy Escobar, said that the military has prevented her from seeing her niece, who is being held in the Pastor Oropeza Hospital in the state of Lara, and that they have implemented many other strict policies. (ProveaDerechos)ESPAÑOLThe Armed Forces in Venezuela have taken over a local hospital, according to reports from the newspaper, El Encímulo. Officers in the northwest state of Lara took control of the Pastor Oropeza hospital, the newspaper said, sometime on October 2. As a result, one young woman said she was not allowed to enter the building with her cell phone. This is a new restriction imposed by the military officers, who have already arrested seven people since their arrival for taking pictures inside the hospital without authorization.

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