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October 9th, 2017
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White House Makes Hard-Line Demands for Any ‘Dreamers’ Deal from nytimes.com Also see --> Trump administration releases hard-line immigration principles, threatening deal on ‘dreamers’ from washingtonpost.com

The White House on Sunday delivered to Congress a long list of hard-line immigration measures that President Trump is demanding in exchange for any deal to protect the young undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers, imperiling a fledgling bipartisan push to reach a legislative solution. Before agreeing to provide legal status for 800,000 young immigrants brought here illegally as children, Mr. Trump will insist on the construction of a wall across the southern border, the hiring of 10,000 immigration agents, tougher laws for those seeking asylum and denial of federal grants to “sanctuary cities,” officials said.

How Two Formerly Undocumented Immigrants Got Elected to Congress from vice.com

Whether a historical coincidence or political fate, the same election that brought Donald Trump to the White House also brought two formerly undocumented immigrants to the Capitol Building.

Once an illegal immigrant and a foster child, she's now one of Oregon's newest judges from oregonlive.com : Oregon

Torres, 46, who was born in El Salvador, represents an effort to change the largely homogenous face of the state’s judiciary. A survey last year of Oregon’s nearly 200 state judges found that 93 percent of those who responded where white. Just 2 percent were Latino, far below Oregon’s 13 percent Hispanic population. But Torres also offers a personal tale of overcoming adversity through hard work and education. She put herself through the University of California, Berkeley and later Lewis & Clark Law School with a combination of scholarships, grants, loans and jobs.

Why Do Mexicans Customize Their Trucks So Ugly? This week's Ask a Mexican from ocweekly.com

and DEAR MEXICAN: With all these NFL players kneeling for the national anthem, how do the Mexicans feel about this? Do they still resent the United States for robando their territory or appreciate the U. S. and its oportunidades?

Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria: Why donations lag Harvey, Irma from usatoday.com : Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria has wrecked the U. S. territory of Puerto Rico, causing a near shut-down of the island’s economy and leaving most of its 3. 4 million citizens without power and other vital goods and services. But as contributions soar to homegrown fundraising efforts for victims of Sunday's Las Vegas shooting, those devastated by Maria have seen comparatively small donations especially when compared to money raised for those affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, according to groups contacted by USA TODAY.

When we talk about mass deportation, we’re talking about 4 million Latinx children without parents from thinkprogress.org

Approximately one in four Latinx children living in the United States has one undocumented parent, according to the latest research from The National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families published Wednesday — a stunning finding that could have major ramifications in the discussions of mass deportation policies under President Donald Trump.

Hollywood’s Invisible Minority: 7 Disabled Latino Characters from Film and TV from remezcla.com

Covering disabled representation in cinema usually involves a fair amount of frustration and compromising. The majority of disability narratives are “inspiration porn,” reliant on overly sentimental and saintly characters whose supposed inner strength serves to galvanize the non-disabled audience watching to appreciate life. Movie studios and TV networks always have the audience in mind, but no time more specifically when it comes to representing disability, and this often leaves the narratives stale and one-note.

Finding reliable information on Latin America in the Internet flood from blog.oup.com : Latin America

Recent political rhetoric filled with such hot button words as “drugs,” “immigrants,” “the Wall,” and “terrorists” serves in place of diplomacy that represents the interests of the United States while remaining respectful toward other nations. This blather is the result of loose-lipped politicians who prefer media quips to thoughtful commentary about policy. Although the United States is a leading producer, a desired location, and a major, if not the greatest, market, these politicians are not using the wealth of knowledge available to push the United States toward progress. Rather than raise questions that could lead to meaningful solutions, many of the nation’s leaders for the most part prefer the far easier approach of grandstanding.

Lawrence state Rep. Juana Matias enters 3rd District race from lowellsun.com : Massachusetts

With working families on her mind, state Rep. Juana Matias of Lawrence has announced a run in the 3rd Congressional District, for the seat that will be vacant once U. S. Rep. Niki Tsongas leaves office.

Lin-Manuel Miranda drops new single to benefit hurricane relief from thehill.com : Puerto Rico

Lin-Manuel Miranda has released a new song to benefit hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. The “Hamilton” creator teamed up with Hispanic artists for the song “Almost like Praying,” which gets its name and main hook from a line in the song “Maria” from the musical “West Side Story. ”

Trump Mocks Puerto Rican Accent During Hispanic Heritage Month Speech from vibe.com

Following a grossly pompous visit to the hurricane-ravaged island of Puerto Rico, Donald Trump used an exaggerated “Spanish” accent during a speech meant to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House on Friday (Oct. 6). POTUS was in the middle of discussing Puerto Rico’s humanitarian crisis following Hurricane Maria when he all of sudden began to over-pronounce the island’s name. “We are also praying for the people of Puerto Rico,” said Trump, putting poor emphasis on the first two syllables of the word “Puerto. ”

Trump Flunks Hispanic Outreach in the Most Trump Way Possible from vanityfair.com

Donald Trump kicked off his presidential campaign by torpedoing his relationship with the Hispanic community, calling people from Mexico “criminals” and “rapists” and vowing to build The Wall on the U. S. -Mexico border. Later incidents did little to mend those ties; there was the matter of Gonzalo Curiel, the Indiana-born federal judge who Trump said shouldn‘t be allowed to oversee a lawsuit against Trump University because he was “Mexican,” and Trump’s Cinco de Mayo Instagram post, which was truly an insult to taco bowls everywhere.

Trump Mocks Puerto Rico In Hispanic Heritage Speech — It Was Horrible from carbonated.tv

Donald Trump’s racist interactions with the people of Puerto Rico and his lack of concern for their well-being demonstrate his inability to connect with the people of the United States, especially if they are people of color. During a press conference celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Trump gave another unsurprising, but equally disgusting, racist speech mentioning Puerto Rico. The President, mocked Latinx during a speech celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month when he said Puerto Rico twice in an over-exaggerated Hispanic accent, prompting laughter. He then corrected his Hispanic accented “Puerto Rico” with his natural accent.

The Trump Administration's DACA Renewal Deadline Was Moved Forward & Dreamers Weren't Notified from bustle.com

The news that the Trump administration was ending the DACA program didn't come as big of a shock to advocates as did the rushed deadline to process renewals — they were given just one month from Attorney General Jeff Sessions' announcement that the program would be ending. And it turns out the Trump administration didn't even notify current DACA recipients about that updated deadline — one that came and went in just one month. Thursday was the last day to process a DACA renewal for anyone whose authorization expired on March 5 or sooner, and as many as 42,500 young people across the country may have missed it.

NEW POLL: Trump is alienating Florida Latinos from latinodecisions.com : Florida

According to a new poll released by Latino Victory Project, Latino Decisions, and America’s Voice, a clear majority of Florida Latinos – 64 percent – disapprove of President Donald Trump’s performance and 7 out 10 believe the Republican Party doesn’t care about or is hostile toward Latinos. Additionally, more than one-third of Florida Latinos said the GOP is so anti-Latino that they could no longer support the party.

An Exodus From Puerto Rico Could Remake Florida Politics from nytimes.com : Florida

Every day dozens of Puerto Ricans straggle into the Orlando area, fleeing their homes and lives ravaged by Hurricane Maria. In the months to come, officials here said, that number could surge to more than 100,000. And those numbers could remake politics in Florida, a state where the last two presidential and governor’s races were decided by roughly one percentage point or less.

Abbott chases bigger share of Hispanic vote in 2018 from texastribune.org : Texas

Greg Abbott may not have a serious opponent for re-election yet, but he is already running against one group in particular: those who say Texas’ Republican governor can’t make further inroads with the Hispanic community in the era of Texas' "sanctuary cities" ban and Donald Trump. Abbott made that much clear here Saturday as he addressed his campaign’s inaugural Hispanic Leadership Conference, rallying the Republican crowd against Democrats looking to unseat him — and laying the groundwork for a longer-term push for Hispanic GOP support.

New Poll: 89% of Texas Latinos Want Dream Act Passed; Oppose SB4 from latinodecisions.com : Texas

On a press call held today, Texas State Representative Cesar Blanco joined with Latino Decisions Principal Sylvia Manzano, Latino Victory Project President Cristóbal J. Alex, and America’s Voice: Texas State Director Mario Carrillo to discuss the findings and implications of new polling exploring Texas Latinos’ views on SB4, DACA, and the ongoing debate over Dreamers.

112 Degrees With No Water: Puerto Rican Hospitals Battle Life And Death Daily from npr.org : Puerto Rico

Every day across Puerto Rico, with its shattered power grid, hospitals are waging a life-and-death battle to keep their patients from getting sicker in the tropical heat. Now two weeks after the storm, about three-quarters of Puerto Rico's hospitals remain on emergency power. This creates dangerous conditions for critically ill patients.

A landscaper’s ‘hire American’ plan ended with bringing in Mexican workers to finish the job from washingtonpost.com

Medrano’s extraordinary recruitment effort — which included three days in Ciudad Juárez while the U. S. Consulate processed the work visas — encapsulates the complex relationship between American employers and temporary foreign workers. In landscaping, tourism, seafood processing and other seasonal industries, employers are desperate to find Americans who will stay on the job for the pay they are able to offer — $14 an hour is the starting salary at Medrano’s firm.

U.S. Halt in Visa Services Leaves Cuban Families in Limbo from nytimes.com : Cuba

Cubans have long regarded emigrating to the United States as something of a birthright derived from the privations they endured as a result of sanctions that Washington has imposed on Cuba for decades. Last week, for the first time in decades, the United States effectively shut down the immigration pipeline from the island as it sharply reduced its staff at the embassy in Havana in response to mysterious ailments there, leaving in limbo tens of thousands of Cubans seeking to reunite with relatives.

House panel approves $10B for border wall from thehill.com

The House Homeland Security Committee approved Wednesday a border security bill that includes $10 billion for a border wall. The Border Security for America Act, proposed by committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas), was passed on a party-line 18-12 vote.

These Dreamers started businesses. Will they have to leave them behind? from money.cnn.com

Juan Martinez is building an artificial intelligence company. But President Trump's decision to repeal DACA could derail his plans. The 27-year-old resident of Austin, Texas is one of roughly 800,000 people who enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which allow undocumented immigrants brought to the U. S. as children to live and work domestically without fear of deportation.

Hoovering up immigrants' social media data won't make US safer from newscientist.com

A plan to grab immigrants' digital profiles in the US is just another case of the misguided idea that mass surveillance is effective

Mexico Announces Expansion of Revillagigedo Into Largest Marine Park of Its Kind from news.nationalgeographic.com : Mexico

The Mexican government has announced the creation of a new marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean Thursday, the largest protected area of its kind in North America. Alejandro Del Mazo Maza, representing Mexico’s National Commission of Protected Natural Areas, announced the massive expansion of the Revillagigedo marine park on October 5 at the Our Ocean conference in Malta.

Experts to start capturing rare vaquita porpoises in Mexico from kansascity.com : Mexico

U. S. Navy-trained dolphins and their handlers arrived in Mexico Thursday to participate in a last-ditch effort to catch, enclose and protect the few dozen remaining vaquita porpoises to save them from extinction. Mexican authorities and an international group of experts say they will set out on Oct. 12 in a fleet of small boats to find the critically endangered and elusive marine mammals with the assistance of the dolphins.

Are Mexicans Indigenous? from truth-out.org

As many US states and municipalities have begun to eschew the colonial tradition of "Columbus Day" in favor of adopting Monday's holiday as "Indigenous Peoples' Day," one might wonder where people of Mexican heritage fit in. For some, this is a controversial question due to hundreds of years of mestizaje, or mixture, and also due to hundreds of years of colonialism and colonized thinking. For others, this is not controversial at all, because with few European women brought to this continent, the mixture was not co-equal and consensual, and thus, most Mexicans essentially remain Indigenous or are de-Indigenized peoples as a result of colonization.

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