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DREAMers Skeptical Of DACA Deal from npr.org

Their futures in the balance, DACA recipients react to the back and forth in Washington over a possible deal between President Trump and Democrats to extend protections for DREAMers.

Environmentalists Sue to Block US Border Wall With Mexico from nytimes.com

The Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife and Animal Legal Defense Fund seek to prevent construction of wall prototypes in San Diego before it begins and halt plans for replacement barriers in San Diego and Calexico, California.

Enriqueta Vasquez: Eminent Historian for "The Women of La Raza" from truth-out.org

I am going to go out on an (academic) limb and call The Women of La Raza by Enriqueta Vasquez both a treasure and a living codex. I will also say this about Enriqueta herself: Vive en la sabiduria -- she lives in wisdom, wisdom of an elder, wisdom of the elders, an elder who also leaves footprints and also walks in beauty.

Pocho Ocho worst new names for Hispanic Heritage Month - SATIRE from pocho.com

The pinche Trump administration is stuck with the annual observance of National “Hispanic” Heritage Month 2017, which begins today, but that doesn’t mean they like it. The POCHO news team has learned that the white wing traitors, crooks, and colluders at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ran through a list of alternative names for the observance before being shot down by the only Latina Trump knows — Lisa A Malinche, a low-level staffer.

Colombia’s musicians step in to take Puerto Rico’s reggaeton crown from elpais.com

Led by artists such as J Balvin, the country is breathing new life into the blend of hip hop and Caribbean music

Superpowering La Raza: "Latinx Comic Book Storytelling" - Book Review from santafenewmexican.com

If Latinx Comic Book Storytelling: An Odyssey by Interview were merely Frederick Luis Aldama’s fifth book on the subject in 10 years, that feat alone would be impressive. (Latinx, pronounced “La-teen-ex,” is a term that is both gender-neutral and trans-inclusive that has emerged primarily in academia and activist social media to refer to persons of Latin American heritage. ) But Aldama’s new tome on the ever-expanding universe of Latinx comics is also one of 29 books he has published in the last 14 years. It’s a vast oeuvre that includes Aldama’s own bilingual flash fictions along with his well-regarded studies of Latinx pop culture, cinema, fiction, sports, and multicultural modes of humor.

Was it just the cell signal? Mexicans wonder why Trump took so long to offer his earthquake condolences. from washingtonpost.com

From the moment that the 8. 2-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Mexico on the night of Sept. 7 to the moment that President Trump called Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to offer his condolences, six days and 13 hours transpired.

Feds actively considering delaying DACA deadline from politico.com

The Department of Homeland Security is “actively considering” delaying a looming deadline for so called-Dreamers to renew their status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a Justice Department attorney said at a court hearing Thursday, according to attendees and a government official.

Hispanic Heritage Best Latin Songs: Greatest of All Time from billboard.com

Our journey to choose the 50 greatest Latin songs of all time took us across space and time, from Argentina to Spain and from the 1920s to 2017. We wanted to represent the full spectrum of Latin music (including music from Spain), from Mexican ballads to Cuban son to Colombian salsa to today’s bachata. Our standard of selection wasn’t merely hits, but instead, songs that made a difference, that marked a moment, that influenced many and that were simply great compositions.

The Daily 202: Trump’s DACA ‘deal’ is another humiliation for Jeff Sessions from washingtonpost.com

But it took less than 10 days for Trump to once again undercut Sessions. The president on Thursday signaled his embrace of granting permanent legal status to these “dreamers” as part of a deal with Democrats that he said is close to being finalized.

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