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Edition #4 (beta) : September 21st, 2017

Special sections on Mexico and Puerto Rico to cover the natural disasters.


Natural phenomenon in Chile: The spectacular flowering of Chile’s Atacama Desert - in a 360º video from elpais.com : Chile

The botanist Gina Arancio walks carefully among the flowers as she announces their exotic names with enthusiasm: Virgin’s tears, the Paw of the Guanaco, Lion’s Claws, the Monk’s Crown, Fox Ears, Devil’s Tobacco. We are on the edges of the Atacama Desert, north of the city of La Serena, in Chile.

At 111 years Old, He still Sings and Plays the Accordion…and takes sips of Champaign!! from latintrends.com : Dominican Republic

The town of MAO in the northwest region of the Dominican Republic “I left Valverde Mao, to play to the region, I come to Corporán, to gets me an accordion”, so sings the merengue Arsenio Bernardino Guzman in the party of his 111th birthday, after stating that his great dream is to play his accordion on the program of television host Rafael Corporán de los Santos.

Dreamers deported under Obama show possible future for 800,000 current DACAs from thehill.com

For the past seven years, I have been conducting research with people who grew up in the United States but have been deported to Mexico. Some call themselves Los Otros Dreamers — The Other Dreamers. Others just call themselves Americans. In the words of a deported Dreamer and veteran of the United States military, Melvin Salas “I am an American at heart and in many other aspects. It’s the paperwork stating that I am an American that I regretfully lack. ”

Pandora Reveals Top Latin Genres by City (And No. 1 Is Not Reggaeton) from billboard.com

Christian music tops the list in New York and Miami; cumbia sonidera and rock en español reign in L. A.

The godfather of Chicano art — and the son who's keeping his memory alive from latimes.com

It was 1979 and Emigdio “Higgy” Vasquez was 11. His father, Emigdio Vasquez, often called the godfather of Chicano art in Orange County, drove him to a mural he was painting in the working-class, largely Mexican American Cypress Street neighborhood close to where they lived; many residents worked at the fruit packing house down the street. Vasquez’s mural, on the side of an apartment building garage, depicted the faces of Chicanos: Cesar Chavez, citrus farmers, rail workers, miners.

Border Patrol Arrests Parents While Infant Awaits Serious Operation from npr.org

When 2-month-old Isaac Enrique Sanchez was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis, a condition that causes vomiting, dehydration and weight loss in infants, his parents were told that their son's condition was curable. The problem was that no hospital in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas had a pediatric surgery team capable of performing the operation on his stomach.

Trump team drafting plan to deport more young people - Central American teens from mcclatchydc.com

This new policy would call for expedited deportation of another group — the more than 150,000 children who arrived at the southern border alone, escaping violence and poverty in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Under the plan being discussed, teens in this group would be sent back to their countries when they turn 18 under a fast-track deportation, which means they would not see an immigration judge first.

PR Hispanicize Wire Offers Free Releases for Companies Helping Victims in Mexico, Puerto Rico & Caribbean from hispanicizewire.com

Latino-owned and operated Hispanicize Wire, a multimedia press release distribution service targeting the U. S. Hispanic market, announced that the company will offer free services to companies, organizations and government agencies that are aiding victims from the earthquake in Mexico City, Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean in general. The complimentary services will be available through Friday, September 29 by emailing newsroom@hispanicizewire. com.

Trump's Harshest Opponents Are Coming To Terms With The Idea That He Could Pass What Obama Couldn't from buzzfeed.com

President Trump's staunchest critics — particularly those who have worked to get the DREAM Act passed into law — are now worried about what will happen if a man they revile is able to champion a bipartisan immigration deal and take credit for something that's been touted by Democrats and some Republicans for years.

Mexico Earthquake

Who are Los Topos, Mexico's volunteer rescuers? from bbc.com : Mexico

They were formed spontaneously in response to a huge earthquake in 1985. Since then, the Mexican volunteer rescuers known as the Topos - Moles - have helped in earthquakes from Iran to Nepal. Now, they are needed back at home.

At Mexican School Hit by Quake, Heartbreak and Moments of Joy from nytimes.com : Mexico

Of the 400 students who attend the school, it was unclear exactly how many were there when the earthquake struck on Tuesday afternoon and made it out of the building. The injured, more than 60 of them, were sent to area hospitals, while traumatized parents whisked others to safety.

Mexican Family Mourns 11 Dead After Church Roof Falls at Baptism - NBC New York from nbcnewyork.com : Mexico

Covered in dust and exhausted, the rescuers laid the bodies out on the same street where a party was meant to be held after the baptism

Are the two Mexican earthquakes connected – and are more on the way? from theguardian.com : Mexico

Two earthquakes have hit Mexico within two weeks, both occurring on the Cocos tectonic plate. But are they related, and could Mexico face more tremors?

Battered, Not Broken: Pictures of Mexico After the Quake from nytimes.com : Mexico

As Mexicans rush to one another’s aid, portraits ofa country show that it is already dusting itself off.

Mexico earthquake: The neighbourhood where one house survived from bbc.com : Mexico

While more than 100 buildings collapsed around it, the home of Hortensia Navarro in Mexico's Morelos state managed to withstand the impact of the devastating 7. 1 magnitude earthquake.

Earthquake Hits Mexican State Of Morelos Hard from npr.org : Mexico

A large number of those killed are in central Morelos state. Unlike the capital city where thousands of volunteers are helping to rescue survivors, there is far less help in Morelos and far more dead.

Puerto Rico Hurricane

Hurricane Maria Leaves 3.4 million in Puerto Rico Facing 4-6 Months Without Power from nbcnews.com : Puerto Rico

"The San Juan that we knew yesterday is no longer there," Cruz told MSNBC. "We're looking at 4 to 6 months without electricity. "

Environmental Disaster Looms in Puerto Rico, Lashed by Hurricane Maria & Left Without Power from democracynow.org : Puerto Rico

Home to 23 Superfund sites - We speak with Emily Atkin, staff writer covering the environment at the New Republic, who writes, "Puerto Rico is Already an Environmental Tragedy. Hurricane Maria Will Make It Even Worse. "

Trump approves disaster declarations for Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands from thehill.com : Puerto Rico

Trump made the declarations official Wednesday night, according to the White House. The presidential disaster declarations provide federal funding for relief efforts in the two territories in the wake of Hurricane Maria, a category 4 storm that made initial landfall early Wednesday.

Trump to visit hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico from thehill.com : Puerto Rico

Trump did not say when he might go to Puerto Rico, but spoke solemnly about the destruction to an island he said had been “absolutely obliterated. ”

16 Devastating Photos From Hurricane Maria's Impact On Puerto Rico from buzzfeed.com : Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria unleashed widespread devastation and power outages after making landfall Wednesday as the strongest hurricane to strike Puerto Rico in over 80 years.

Puerto Rico congresswoman: 'This is not the same island' after Hurricane Maria from cnbc.com : Puerto Rico

Rebuilding after the storm is going to be a "titanic effort," says the U. S. territory's sole representative in Congress. Rep. Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon says Puerto Rico needs help re-establishing its power grid. With widespread flooding and downed power lines, it's dangerous to venture outside, she adds.

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