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New poll: overwhelming majority of Latinos frustrated with Trump from latinodecisions.com

According to a new poll released today by Latino Victory Project, Latino Decisions, and America’s Voice, an overwhelming majority of Latinos – 76 percent – disapprove of President Donald Trump’s performance and 7 out 10 believe the Republican Party doesn’t care about or is hostile toward Latinos. Additionally, for the first time in polling Latinos, racism and race relations rated as one of the most important issues facing our country.

New CNN Poll: 82% of Americans, Including 74% of Republicans, Back Protecting Dreamers from americasvoice.org

New CNN polling finds overwhelming support for protecting Dreamers, and sharp opposition to a range of Trump immigration policy priorities. By an 82-14% margin overall, and a 74-21% margin among Republicans, Americans back an approach allowing Dreamers to stay in the U. S. and ensure that they are not exposed to deportation

New Poll: 91% of Latinos Want Dream Act Passed; Dream Debate Will Have Major Political Resonance with Latino Voters from latinodecisions.com

On a press call and webinar held today, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM) and Congressional Hispanic Caucus Vice Chair Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) joined with Latino Victory Project President Cristóbal J. Alex, Sylvia Manzano, Principal at Latino Decisions, and Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, to discuss the findings and implications of new polling exploring Latinos’ views on DACA and the ongoing debate over Dreamers.

People Are Worried About DHS Plans To Gather Social Media Info from buzzfeed.com

Federal officials are planning to collect social media information on all immigrants, including permanent residents and naturalized citizens, a move that has alarmed lawyers and privacy groups worried about how the information will be used.

A dive into the degrading world of fetishization Latinas live in from dailyorange.com

The fetishization of Latinas and other ethnic groups is something that is minimally covered in academia, but stems from a base of stereotyping and objectifying bodies or body parts. It manifests through chosen language, with statements like “I’ve never been with a Latina before” or “I’ve always had a thing for Latinas. ” It’s also evident in describing someone as “exotic” — an identifier I’ve received several times since starting school at this predominantly white institution four years ago.

Cardi B Becomes First Person of Dominican Descent to Reach No. 1 from remezcla.com

It’s official: the era of Cardi B has arrived. After a long journey – from stripping to Love & Hip-Hop to the VMA stage – Billboard just announced that beloved Bronx rapper Cardi B has finally reached no. 1 on the Hot 100. The Dominican-Trinidadian artist, who became famous for her acerbic wit and sly sense of humor on social media over the past couple of years, has been battling Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” for the top chart position over the past five weeks, when Swift first released the lead single of her upcoming album Reputation.

Latin Grammy Awards nominations announced — and, yes, 'Despacito' is in the mix from latimes.com

The Latin Grammy Academy has announced the nominations for the 18th Latin Grammys, and to the surprise of few handicappers, the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi's smash hit "Despacito" has snagged nods in the two top song categories, record of the year and song of the year.

Why Don't Mexicans Like Mexican Restaurants in the United States? from ocweekly.com

DEAR MEXICAN: I love ethnic foods, and I always ask people of ethnic origins which local restaurants they like to eat at. Whenever I ask Mexicans what Mexican restaurants they like best, the answer is always "I don't like the way any of them make their food. " I live in Phoenix, which has a Mexican restaurant run by Mexicans on every corner. Don't tell me they all Americanize their food for us gabachas. What gives?

One Family, Three Generations in a Changing Barrio from kcet.org : California

Three generations of my family saw Santa Ana’s gentrification unravel its many forms before our eyes. Through the decades, my grandmother, my mother and I have been able to observe the changes in our own way.

Construction of U.S.-Mexico border wall prototypes begins despite lack of funding from cbsnews.com : California

Federal contractors are working on eight versions of a proposed border wall to divide the U. S. and Mexico. Although the wall, one of President Trump's chief campaign promises, has yet to be funded the contractors are essentially auditioning for the full government contract.

Audit: Hispanics still treated differently in traffic stops from washingtonpost.com : Arizona

An audit conducted by criminal justice researchers at Arizona State University as part of the profiling case concluded that Hispanics are more likely to be searched and arrested by sheriff’s deputies in traffic stops than whites.

Project Will Rescue Voices from the Texas–Mexico Borderlands from lib.utexas.edu : Texas

A treasure trove of video interviews with groundbreaking Tejano artists, writers, and thinkers will soon be widely accessible to listeners and researchers. A grant of $12,050 was awarded to the Benson Latin American Collection by the Center for Research Libraries the Latin American Materials Project (LAMP). The grant will cover costs of digitizing the Los del Valle Oral History Project, launched in 1992 by University of Texas–Rio Grande Valley professor of history Dr. Manuel F. Medrano with the goal of harvesting and preserving historical memories in the Rio Grande Valley, a region that has been historically under-documented in archival and published research.

Omar and Rafael Rivero, the Mexican-American Twins Behind Occupy Democrats from miaminewtimes.com : Florida

Omar Rivero is standing cross-armed in his light-filled Los Angeles pool house, urging one of his employees to finish a meme about the "Republican Hypocrites of the Year," when the news breaks: The president has just signed a memo banning transgender people from the military.

Annette Taddeo Wins Election, First Latina Democrat in Florida State Senate from nbcnews.com : Florida

Taddeo, born in Colombia, defeated Republican Jose Felix Diaz, a former contestant of “The Apprentice,” the reality TV show that starred President Donald Trump before he won the White House. Independent Christian Schlaerth also was on the ballot.

DHS Waives Jones Act For Puerto Rico… But Only For 10 Days from latinorebels.com : Puerto Rico

Looks like the Jones Act is a thing this week (about time), and all this interest in removing one of the most restrictive policies against Puerto Rico ever is a good sign, but don’t get too excited. The Department of Homeland Security’s Thursday decision to waive the Jones Act is just for 10 days.

There Are Many “Reasons” Why DC is Always So Slow to Help Puerto Rico. None of Them Are Good. from motherjones.com : Puerto Rico

As the 3. 4 million American citizens in Puerto Rico struggle to recover after Hurricane Maria’s widespread devastation last week, lawmakers in Washington are pondering the size of the aid package and how quickly it can be delivered. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey earlier in the month, Congress pulled together a $15 billion aid package for Texas that was signed by President Donald Trump in a little more than a week. It appears that Puerto Rico will not be so lucky.

More Americans live in Puerto Rico than 21 states (and other things to know) from cnn.com : Puerto Rico

In many ways, like population and gross domestic product, Puerto Rico appears like just any other middle-of-the-road state that may blend in with many you'd see on the American mainland. But its economic problems left it extremely vulnerable to a storm like this. Here's a look at how Puerto Rico ranks up against the 50 states.

The Law Strangling Puerto Rico - The Jones Act from nytimes.com : Puerto Rico

After World War I, America was worried about German U-boats, which had sunk nearly 5,000 ships during the war. Congress enacted the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, a. k. a. the Jones Act, to ensure that the country maintained a shipbuilding industry and seafaring labor force. Section 27 of this law decreed that only American ships could carry goods and passengers from one United States port to another. In addition, every ship must be built, crewed and owned by American citizens. Almost a century later, there are no U-boats lurking off the coast of Puerto Rico. The Jones Act has outlived its original intent, yet it is strangling the island’s economy.

Nearly Half of Americans Don’t Know Puerto Ricans Are Fellow Citizens from nytimes.com : Puerto Rico

This finding varied significantly by age and education. Only 37 percent of people ages 18 to 29 know people born in Puerto Rico are citizens, compared with 64 percent of those 65 or older. Similarly, 47 percent of Americans without a college degree know Puerto Ricans are Americans, compared with 72 percent of those with a bachelor’s degree and 66 percent of those with a postgraduate education.

Mexico earthquake: How one girl came to represent hope – and distrust from csmonitor.com : Mexico

For many Mexicans, the story of 'Frida Sofía' – who was supposedly stuck in earthquake rubble, but did not actually exist – has tapped into longstanding frustrations and distrust toward the government.

Mexico: Earthquakes Could Cost $2B to $4B from barrons.com : Mexico

A strategist at Nomura says the costs from Mexico's recent earthquakes could run as high as $4 billion, and has lowered his forecast for 2017 GDP growth.

U.S. and Mexico may be at odds, but they've reached agreement on managing the Colorado River from latimes.com : Mexico

The nine-year deal, which expands on a 1944 water treaty between the two countries, would see the United States spend $31. 5 million on conservation efforts in Mexico, according to water agencies that are familiar with the plan. That effort would, in turn, generate access to more water for about 27 million people in several states, including California, Nevada and Arizona.

Ayotzinapa: It’s Been Three Years Since 43 Students Disappeared in Mexico from globalvoices.org : Mexico

September 26 will mark three years since the violent events in Iguala, Mexico, a city in the southwestern state of Guerrero, led to the disappearance of 43 student teachers from the Escuela Normal Rural Raul Isidro Burgos in Ayotzinapa.

Thousands of Dominicans Remain Displaced after Hurricane Maria from laht.com : Dominican Republic

Almost 19,000 Dominicans remain displaced from their homes because of flooding from Hurricane Maria, although the rains diminished considerably on Wednesday, leading authorities to reduce the alert levels in different parts of the country.

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